Concern about the woman who was hanged dead in the city chairman


Chinese girls who worked as staff were employed to chair the People's Committee in the town of Bac Yen, Son La province, to find dead in suspicion.

According to news from Vietnam Law, On November 20, a young Mong Mong girl in posture was suspended by the chair of the People's People's Bac Yen Committee, the Bac Yen district, Son La province. The detection department is on the first floor, where food is available.

After that, the people referred to the local authorities, they received information, the authorities to explore the scene, exploring the purpose of the event.

Pictures of hungry young woman hanging in a home president's house 1

Where the event happened. Photograph: Young enthusiasts

Talk to reporters Young entrants, the head of the People's Committee in Bac Yen, was the chair of the population of the Bar Yen population in the event, under the first floor of this house. making a food business, high family premises.

According to this officer, at noon yesterday when everyone in the shop rested, she gave the rope to her; hanging on herself.

Through field and seal survey, the unions of the unions did not agree; murder, and so the body was taken to the family for delivery.

Ha Trang (attached)


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