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One of four people who are living with diabetes a religious foot, a contract unless it is properly treated causing disability and in real cases death can be achieved, he said. Efe the doctor Karina Kingdom.

"People who suffer sugar They often get these problems because they have no good control illness; in fact, only one out of four governs the glue well, "said the nephrologist at the Guadalajara Civil Hospital.

Indeed, he found that 85% of the accidents that are happening worldwide are related to sugar.

Ann Mexico, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 12 million people living with diabetes.

Kingdom explained that the people suffering from diabetes, 7 out of 10 have a disability; dies after a fifth year of birth, and if the patient also suffers from Fatty Disease and is suffering from illness, going on with dialysis, his life expectancy is 2 years after his defeat.

The doctor Irma Luisa Ceja Martínez, non-communications medical manager and nutrition PiSA GroupHe said that the control of diabetes disorders caused illness, cure and the artisans of the group.

"This effect, called neuropathy, causing the skin to be turned out and that there is a sense of loss, which does not have to hear a pistol pain that, together with the decrease in circulation, a & # 39; Healing cure slowly, "he explained the specialist.

When the injury does not close, he said, it's very easy to get in and come ulcer, when the growth of deep growth and its appearance; affecting tendons and bones that cause osteomyelitis.

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"An osteomyelitis even more difficult to handle and & # 39; increasing risk gangrene and amputation"said the expert.

According to the National Survey on Health and Nutrition 2016Only 2 in 10 of the psychic adults with diabetes were infected. studying in the last year; As long as there were one out of 10 digits; patients have been confirmed deprivation so problem of trials.

In addition, four out of 10 diabetes identify pain or loss of sensation in the legs of the legs and they did not; Two out of 10 can walk more than six minutes without feeling tired.

As a result, today's curative PiSA Biotechnology launched bioechnological treatment that helps to & # 39; reduce these risks suffering.

"The medicine has an active principle Human Epidermis Factor Factor revitalization that promotes and accelerates generosity and advanced medicine, "said Ceja Martínez.

The specialist explained that this medicine was with him current medicine, is tested to more than 350,000 patients in 25 countries around the world and it has shown that it is temporarily abbreviated scratch of the they wound.

"This reduces the revival time and increases the quality of life of people who suffer from casualties due to sugar"he said.

He explained that ulcer It closed six months, when this medicine is used, the period will be reduced to four months or less.

Dr. Reinoirt is one of the main causes of suffering a religious foot they are not well distributed, a & # 39; settlement of the skin and neuropathy no damaging the nerves.

He noted that it is essential to pay good care to the feet to stop it problems.

Amongst the proposals for prevention are good control blood sugar, take care of food, visit the doctor regularly, and carry out clinical trials regularly to help assess the the work of the kidney.

"You also need to check the legs, wash them with water and neutral soap, dry well after swimming, add a daily surface or oil, as well as a # 39 ; go to podiators and select appropriate shoes, "the expert finished.

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