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"I know the article is about me today, and I have a lot to say, but I say that the facts and arguments are different." I believe that the law enforcement authorities will appear all the things, and I will continue to & # 39; move in the room. I would like to make my excuse for any inconvenience that may cause you to watch the room. "

On 24 October, Son Seok-hee, JTBC's president published the opening. On the same afternoon, the media reported to an independent spokesman Kim Woong told the police that he was attacked by the Director of JTBC Mac Seok-hee, and as soon as the dispute spread through the media , the & # 39; Girassi, social media and messenger, He was in a prisoner shape. Since then, her Seok-Hee's Son has been in & # 39; Extend the suspicion and investigate the search and the search.

In the meantime, the aggression arose between Kim Woong-jae and Sohn, as well as his complaint; invasion case, and Mr Mac's communication event, which had been held in April 2017, to the top of the press board. After the last 31 of the month, <채널A>And he asked for a formal excuse from Mr Mac, and on the New Year's Eve afternoon; New, Mr Mac said that he was indirectly in the email address of the company, "When they go well, we will go fine!" Published.

<img src = "" alt = "broadcast 10 days KBS <저널리즘 토크쇼 J> Report Are Seok-hee, what do you want? & # 39; />

KBS broadcast by Mac Seok-hee, what do you want? & # 39;Ⓒ KBS

Sue's case continued. First, Kim told the police that he was attacked by Mac at a cleaning store in Map-gu, Seoul, on the 10th of the month. Sohn also helped Kim to try to frighten and frighten her, and Kim has also been in a position to do it. attacking his son for threat and destruction.

In addition, Kim said that Mac was proposing a service contract to win a 10 million revenue per month for two years, and a voluntary organization involved in the Prejudice against the Attorney General & # 39; As stated, the president sent this message to the followers' café on the 25th of the month.

"I think it will start a long fight. I believe that all the facts will appear.

According to the last 8 days, Mr Sohn has recruited 10 defense defenses by police investigation. In addition to the invasion case; Previously, it was reported that a son had established a separate protection advice about other allegations such as suspicion of a resignation of a conservation body. It seems that there is a story about Mr Mac who defines the appointment of a defense adviser as a "long fight". KBS1, which was broadcast on the 10th, found the report about the suspicion of Lee Seok-hee's invasion and his difficulties.

Panel members such as Professor Jung Jun-hee from the University of Media and Media and Broadcasting Graduates, Pokast MC MC Choi, Deputy Secretary of the Democratic Paper and Union of Citizen Kim Gyeong-kyung, and German journalist Anton Scholz, criticize media statements At the same time, we ask to carefully explain the backgrounds and background information of the suspicions poured out. This is a & # 39; The first mention and broad analysis of the world suspects and suspects.

"They're Seok-hee, what do you want?"

<img src = "" alt = "broadcast 10 days KBS <저널리즘 토크쇼 J> Report Are Seok-hee, what do you want? & # 39; />

KBS broadcast by Mac Seok-hee, what do you want? & # 39;Ⓒ KBS

"Indeed, I think the story was unresolved without the fact that his wife was there or not, and indeed the accident has already been settled, and no one wants to know, but suddenly the "young woman" So, of course, this is not the only place in the world where Press & Press is not (pressan Korean) is the only country in Korea. In particular, is not Koreran interested in doing this? & Sometimes I think. "

This is an analysis of Anton Schulz German's suspicion of the traveler. "Most of the media statements on this issue were about the issue of Kim Young-kyung, who said," There is a strong focus on whether or not there was a passenger at the time of the road crash. "Much agrees. This is the most exciting and exciting news stream that represents most of Mac's suspicions.

In fact it is. In the last two weeks (JTBC and one group) except for daily papers and jongbye, including TV Chosun & and Channel A, etc., YouTube channel was a design and content sensitive, low. Professor Jung Junhee said it was difficult.

"In the west, what the yellow media is doing, and if the yellow paper is to deal with it, it does not believe much, it's just a & # 39; I'm going to be fun, and its pressure as its quality pricing, (Press Press) is so sad that it is very difficult for these media to say that it is not uncertain for something and not the value of the news itself. "

<img src = "" alt = "broadcast 10 days KBS <저널리즘 토크쇼 J> Report Are Seok-hee, what do you want? & # 39; />

KBS broadcast by Mac Seok-hee, what do you want? & # 39;Ⓒ KBS

The reports about the passenger suspicion were just like something. Give us an example. Even TV & TV Chosun & # 39; Interview with the respondent who said, "In 2010, a similar communications accident was made by President Mac Seok-hee on" After 30th of the month, he took "Solo" on her and got a loan on the helper's top and said that a young woman was in the seat of the travelers I also said. In fact, it was not available publicly, and it was not a report; which included something new for information. The acre & TV Chosun & # 39; bringing such a preview of the story.

"I decided to comment on how he was an influential journalist after his hard work became a payee for the individual and that he informed the assistant and that observers should judged. "

Professor Jung criticized him, saying, "Now you have said a lot, now." I was tired of being unhappy. In addition, Channel & # 39; also TV TV & TV Chosun & # 39; and hidden. Anton Schulz said, "It's an old story anyway." "It's a story about almost a half years, and I think what I can find now? Is there something else left?" I think that such a question is on the # 39; Most people who have been exposed to reports about Mr Sohn's suspicion.

In terms of this case, reporter KBS, Chung Yeon-woo said, "Do you have a climbing report?" Kim Gyeong-gyeong director said, "It is not worth what level of video and voice is recorded, we need to have news and the value of the public that we speak about "You should not be a part of it," he said, "and then I'd like to do a & # 39; pavement, just dry it again and finish it. "

However, it was very important. in this fragile speech of this vocabulary. In fact, it's a & # 39; case of daily prescription daily prescriptions mentioned above and printed. The problem is that reports of these preserved daily newspapers and Japanese chapters are widely used by the & # 39; correct / conservative & # 39;

The subject is Seok-hee & # 39; of Chosun & # 39; and Donga & # 39;

<img src = "" alt = "broadcast 10 days KBS <저널리즘 토크쇼 J> Report Are Seok-hee, what do you want? & # 39; />

KBS broadcast by Mac Seok-hee, what do you want? & # 39;Ⓒ KBS

"From 24 January to 5 February," The Seok-hee report presented in the 10 daily newspapers to Naver " <조선일보>And <동아일보>31 reports. And the smallest <한겨레>, The <중앙일보>Four issues were reported.

Even in a broadcasting case, I am going to; look at the news about complaints & are Seok-hee & # 39; on evening news of 8 broadcasting companies between 24 January and 5 February. KBS, MBC 1, SBS 2, tell me two of these reports. Named a television booth and a Channel A lot, but they mentioned the construction of television boats 13 and channel A 14. <조선>, The <동아>, TV shipbuilding, and A channel are completely different from other companies. "(Kim Yeon-kyung, Secretary General)

So these four media are very suspicious. Based on the content, the YouTube channel will be more secured and protected and expanded and expanded; Introducing entries that are more interesting, including Kim Gwang-il, a special writer. On October 25th and 28th, Kim's editorial editor appealed the passenger in an Iranian column, and at the same time made a "or not" complaint.

Last year's last year, a television editorial committee was broadcast on a TV news program and got out of court because of its " punishment. Based on the contents of this column, & # 39; The Kang Kwang Il is the YouTube broadcasting production.

According to Kim Dae-jung, board of the editorial board of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea, on April 4, "Kim Kwang-il, who plays drama, is interested and committed, Thanks to the mouth of Kim Gwang As it is considered, the status of Chosun Ilbo in the YouTube area is rising rapidly. "He is one of the leading players in the expanding and replacing structure of the YouTube channels energetic and real- right.

Background information

<img src = "" alt = "KBS Broadcast 10 <저널리즘 토크쇼 J> Report Are Seok-hee, what do you want? & # 39; />

KBS broadcast by Mac Seok-hee, what do you want? & # 39;Ⓒ KBS

"Indeed, in the case of President of the Seok-hee, who was president of the media department, he is Chief Executive of JTBC in November last year. In his & # 39; this process, I have uncomfortable feelings and uncomfortable feelings about JTBC, I think there's not such a thing.

(President Mac Seokhee and JTBC <뉴스룸>This is a situation where it is in the first place in terms of impact and reliability. On the other hand, if we talk about this back, people who need to have to do it; Watch these papers, powers, organizations, I do not know if I have any comments on what I am doing; speak.

KBS Jung Yeon-Woo analyzed the reasons why there are so many reports about suspicion. I know if this is a reasonable issue of the previous document. In this regard, Jung Jun-hee, professor, said, "There is something that is known as the back." For example, in scholarly terms, Schadenfreude (the joy of seeing bad luck or suffering) That's the kind of emotionality that is often referred to as a face, "he said. This is what I'm hearing a bit as well.

"So something is an incentive for a person, who is a feeling of feeling that his / her feeling is of great interest when the reputation of a well-known person and incredible, and a group of journalists, especially a renowned journalist, and suddenly rising JTBC. I do not think there's something like I want to see as I'm going down one day.

Although there is no value to tell how it is now, especially when it is reported on the other side in the silent idea of ​​the media companies that were in the middle; Previously, media representatives and those people, I think it would not be possible without this background. "(Professor Junhee Jung)

There was also an idea to pronounce the mistake on the birth of a Mac or to clarify it. Anton Schulz, who said "Mr Hand made a mistake, said," he said, "If this was the first time this happened, I made a mistake and was …" " The problem has continued to grow because we did not do that well. " Kim said, the media should report some of the suspicions, and that proper clarification should be made.

"How Mr Mac is converted, whether Mr Kim's fear is happening, and whether the two sides are different, a job application and investor Kim Woong JTBC. So why Mr. Sohn is a & How do I get so unfavorable benefits? There are several suspicions that are not true, and I think media is capable of doing the media.

Now the ball went to investigations and investigations by police and prosecutors. In the future, the media, in particular the preservation papers, will support this problem. In the process, it is clear that there will be clarity or other responsibility at his / her; Son too. As I said, "Let's stand honorable", there seems to be no problem if we respond to future surveys and inquiries.

The problem is that, as the images are marked, the public awareness of the media is a clear sense; runs like hyena. In addition, the "obsession with Son Seok-hee" of the conservation media, which is based on real punctuation as well as the logic, the frame, or the purpose of the faction, has been on the # 39; Supernatural diversity appears to be lengthy & # 39; investigations, investigations, and court matters. Indeed, it is apparent that the first fight is now.

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