Concerning star and eliminate TOP 16


Concerning star and eliminate TOP 16

Red Star has been deleted from Eurocup!

Zonatan Ruselj Five points in two fundamental attacks opposed Serbia's lawsuit and left him without a theory chance to qualify on the Eurocup season – 72:71 (15:16, 25:19, 8:25, 24:11).

The Red Star was very seriously sorry in Limoges. How else can you tell about what has happened in the Sports Palace during the last minute of their game? All the circumstances of a visiting team to win a big step forward, to leave the crisis and wait for the outcome of the meeting in the Hosier Hall Maria Martin Carpena, instead, it fell red and white in a small possession of Everything they built after the explosion in the third quarter and allowed the old European flag to record his first profit in the # 39; First level 16. Instead of a bit of joy during these emergencies, Red Star players have done the other bitter intercourse for themselves, and then they all have to think well … It's not a shame; of everything that is seen through four quarters; game, but how safely distributed separation and permission Ruselj to mark.

/ 15:16, 25:19, 8:25, 24:11 /

Size: Sports Palace;
Viewers: about 4,200;
Magistrates: Petros Papapetru, Djordi Aliaga, Ersan Kartal.

Distribution: Inglis 5, Hardi 9, Rusel 9, Taylor 8, Basil -, Majls 13, Butsiel 13, Laribo -, Howard 9, Bute 7.
STAR RED: Regland 15, Covic 9, Keselj 2, Perperoglu 4, Davidovac -, Nenadic -, Faze 4, Beron 12, Dobric 10, Ristic 9, Simanic 3, Odzak 3.

It's the location and how Milan Tomić and its helpers start to & # 39; analyzing everything that is seen at the AS level of 16, as well as the hospitality of Cedevita in Zagreb. Whether it's great about creating a form before it comes to a full time on the most important games of the season. The Star is red, just, and maybe even for a long time. show any signs of response, and include the necessity of hosting slowly on slander land.

The star of the starlight began tonight tonight with unfortunately failure Distribution from a clear solution in the middle of the last quarter, at the end of 66.60. From that kiksa Jerry Butsiel it's just over Rusty He put out the points he removed from Limoges and he fought for a great and good fight; fight to the sound of the last siren for its first line. And, just as a tidy woman says that the joy of the brave heroes, Limoges has got everything – both confidence and fortune on his side and his desire. Everything has won a prize, and Zvezda has finally been punished for a huge, inclusive failure to protect and organize attacks …

Although they are Joe Regland i Michael Odo managed to solve the next two, Limoz did not let surrender. Айзеа Майлс he built Limoges, and then Butsiel points attached Ruselj Increase to heavenly height in the last 48 seconds! The first three in front, and then a picture after 72: 71 bite heavy to hospital, 14 seconds before the end. He had it Milan Tomić pre-opinion Ruselie The third has two attacks to the border, but the French explorer has broken the ideas. And then the red and white red and white lost, which brought everything into the water. And a tremendous increase in the third quarter, Zvezda received from 25: 8, with a turning point from five points to a minus (43:38) to two two-pointed (48:60) points, as well as the Red Star access for a route Out of the dark tunnel She went in and she does not know how to get it out.

In the winning team Thousands i Butsiel They had 13 points, with the strong center to record 13 games! At the Red Star Joe Regland He had 15 points (6/9 of the game, 6/7 for two) with six support and two members stolen, lost and caught. Billy Beron insert 12, a Ognjen Dobric 10 points. Distribution He had nine points and six resembles.

The last game will never have a star in the # 39; last game in first level 16 and Unikah team can leave Europe.

However, the Red Star's desire is to deal with things that are, protocol?



Monaco – Alba 61:75
/ Jones 12 – Giedraitis 19 /

Limoges – Red Star 72:71
/ Butsiel 13 – Regland 15 /


18.00: (2.15) Zenit (14.50) Unix (1.80)
20.00: (1.60) Partizan (14.50) Lietuvos Ritas (2.55)
20.00: (1.17) Andorra (20.00) Cedevita (5.50)
20.00: (2.55) Frankfurt (14.50) Ulm (1.60)
20.30: (2.10) Asvel (14.00) Lokomotiva Kuban (1.85)
20.45: (1.80) Unikaha (14.50) Valencia (2.15)

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