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Concerning the Huawei narrow road. Samsung is the "small act" behind him.

Network News Network said on November 22 in Japanese media that the smartphone market is around the world, which shows the Huawei pattern; over Apple and Samsung's challenging. According to statistics from IDC, a US survey company, Huawei gave the world a second from the Apple department of dedicated telephone carriers from April to June 2018. Since then, the battle for Samsung's smartphone business has been between Samsung and Huawei. Huawei retailers continued to grow significantly between July and September, do the second in the world and send it to gap with Samsung market share. However, Samsung has seen tweaks falling by 13% in one time compared to last year.

According to the "Nikkei Business News" website that was reported on November 21, Samsung sent out an EL organic display for a photocopy printing phone for the first time on 7 November . The proposed "Foldable" textphone proposal is available in the first half of 2019. Huawei is also planning to go out in the middle of the same year.

According to the report, the supply of smartphones came across 1.742 billion in 2017, but it was lower than its; previous year from 2007 (Apple launched the "iPhone"). Handheld mobile phones are expected to be a new offset in the mobile phone market. Some experts believe that folding phones replace replacements and personal computers will open new fields. In the future, companies that have been experiencing technology and selling mobile phones will get tight on leadership.

According to reports, from a market department between July and September, Samsung is 20.3%, and Huawei has risen to 14.6%. Samsung has been highly praised for its key technologies such as showcases, but there are comments that Samsung has lost its central role. The headquarters "Note7" phone, which was launched in 2016, had to sell for a catastrophe due to battery design and manufacturing difficulties. The impact of this problem has spread throughout the world and has greatly damaged its motto value. In China, Samsung's share has fallen to around 1%.

The report said that Samsung is hoping to revive the revival by doing and doing it. selling mobile phones. Depending on people in the smartphone market, Samsung has a emphasizes the Samsung display in the company to ask Huawei to make flexible screen technology. On the other hand, Huawei and a Chinese panel-maker are working closely together and appear to promote the development of packed displays.

According to reports, since the smart smartphone was launched in 2010, Huawei has spent 89.7 billion yuan in research and development costs in 2017 and has expanded its share in the market. The company hopes to go over Samsung in 1-2 years.

Credit Suisse Bank examined that Huawei and Samsung could win the competition, and it's still too early to judge whether the success or the success is successful. In emerging market countries such as China, Huawei will benefit. In fact, it depends on how (to what extent can) bring the plan into the future.

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