Concert of Pavel Hammel in Spišská Nová Ves


In the village, Pavol Hammel visited his & her; Our city as part of a tour with the Band Stream. I attended great, so I enjoyed this concert.

Pavol Hammel and his music are great. His words I know well and are a balm for my soul. When I learned to play with a & # 39; I have a band in my home, I agree to get out immediately.

The Stream Band is dedicated to the first Bells Bell platinum anniversary. So, his concert was fifty-fifty years ago. They shoot effects such as Kamalásky, Medulienka, Dance Teacher, Youth and more. All those songs would sing in the cinema and I was with him. The night was decorated, so I went to Fero Grigla units. On the other hand, my move was because the songs were in memory of Marián Varga, who influenced him, not only Sruthan, but also the whole music world. Fedor Frešo was also added to the late Varga. I think this trip is an honorable honor for those people.

I enjoyed writing my songs. I was hoping to have a picture or signature, for example, by Paul Hammel. Signed from such a wealth is always valuable. But I did not get the names. He was in the cinema hall. The hall was about twenty steps. The cinema is not free from constraint despite rebuilding. I'm sorry, since I was looking forward to meeting with a pretty close band. So then.

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