Conducting a gene and mocking clips: China will studying biology


HONG KONG: The applicant of a Chinese scientist has created his first genetic modified baby in the world to have regard to the researchers who say that legal control and ethical standards are behind a series of problems biological in China.

He Jiankui University professor on Sunday (25th November) said that the DNA of twin girls was changed to prevent HIV, but the requests made a huge return to his / her. A scientific community not just who was going to doubt its & # 39; disappointed, but also questioned morality.

China is trying to be a leader in genetic research and cloning areas, and Raising even how others express their ethical issues.

LEABH: Chinese scientists say they have made their firstborn children produced by the world

Scientists in the country are The first one that was made in a generation in 2015, but with mixed results, was published on the British magazine in 2017. And earlier this year, Chinese scientists revealed mussels that were cloned to & # 39; the only way Dolly na Caoraich used forty years ago.

Although the methodology could stimulate medical research on human diseases, he also raised ethical questions about how close science came into one day; cloning people.


Italian lawyer Sergio Canavero began controversial last year when he stated that he put forward his first removal on the head of the world on a corpse in a Chinese hospital, which was reported at the time of Global Times , although other scientists have called on his bids.

On Sunday, studied at Stanford University, published in a YouTube video, he used CRISPR, which allows scientists to remove and introduce the strings by identifying accuracy , to change the pairs of DNA.

The machine was not used in human exams in the United States, although doctors in China have been taking action to cure cancer patients.

Information file on the development of the CRISPr generation editorial method

Fact file about the development process of CRISPr AFP / John SAEKI generations

Qiu Renzong, former vice president of the Chinese health ministry committee, said that he had done a "wrong" ethics review by going to another hospital for review rather than being a & # 39; obtaining approval from his own university, saying that he was experiencing the profile of Chinese scientists Post-

Qiu said that lack of governance does not mean that scientists often do not; face any penalty because they only need to comply with the regulations of their centers, and may not be able to identify punishments for misconduct.

LEABH: Scientists, Chinese officials will abolish genealogy generations who want genetic claims

"People say that there is a toothless minister that can not bite people. So we try to give their teeth to their ministry, and they can make people broke when people have the rules circulated, "he told English-language spokesmen at a Hong Kong generation conference.

"The mainland is very safe from scientists, if you make a small mistake, that's the end, there is no penalty. I recommend that they should be punished," he said.


Scientist, he shows Jiankui "The Genome Human", a book he edited, at his Direct Ge Company

Scientist He He Jiankui showed "The Human Genome", a book he edited, at Direct Genomics company in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China 4 August, 2016. REUTERS / Stringer

With an unbelievable research community waiting for evidence on bids He, the scientist is expected to speak at the same conference in Hong Kong on Wednesday and Thursday.

He himself, who works from a sermon in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, also looks at a survey on the mainland, National Health Commission to investigate its & # 39; case.

A group of 122 Chinese scientists called the general statement to call the "crazy" test and said it was unfair to other scientists who are " stick to "the moral bottom line".

The University of Science and Technology of Technology, where it works, said that it had paid unpaid leave from February and its research as "a major breakdown of academic academic values".

LEABH: Chinese University to investigate after academic claims that their couple's gene are prepared

Information from the Shenzhen medical authority advised that all medical groups need to establish ethical review committee before conducting biological research on people, and that the hospital philosophy board was not involved in recording as necessary .

He defended his search in another video, saying he is trying to make families who are behavioral tolerance of genetic diseases.

"We believe that my folklore is on our historical side. Look back to the 1970s by Louise Brown. The same fear and objections are then repeated, "he said, a & # 39; refers to the first born born in in vitro fertilizer.


China's second largest genome market is around the world, according to UBS. CCID Consulting based in Beijing estimates that its value is & # 39; market by around 7.2 billion yuan (US $ 1 billion) in 2017 to 18.3 billion yuan (US $ 2.6 billion) by 2022.

LEABH: Generating a gene generating a hazard gene in cells, giving warning to scientists

Looser's rules have allowed China to come forward in the bio-medical field, said Michael Veraptus, a biotechnology company in China, said Michael Donovan.

But other factories, such as larger people, have provided a larger group of people; potentially ill-patient, as well as governmental regulatory support, Donovan said.

"In many businesses, the regulatory situation, if there are no laws, they can go forward carefully," he said.

"And that's the area without knowing a generation at present."

Although some hospitals may approve certain methods without having to go to a national agreement group, it was "very stupid" that did not go. He got the green light of the national authority for such a tough test, Donovan said.

"In a sense of sense, we do not have our faith gathering in the United States," he said. "But it's still alive, so people are still worried that we're moving forward too quickly."

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