Conductive Rodrigo Eguillor Record: Allegations about Abuse and Breastfeeding


5 December, 2018

Procurator Alex Paula Martinez recognizes the last hours to defend her against the allegations of abuse he received from a group of young people.

Rodrigo Eguillor, son of procurator Paula Martínez Castro, is known in the last hours for his a solution to the allegations of abuse he received from a group of young people. In front of the cameras, the 24 year old spoke about it "Media Show" and certification as "cat"For the young woman who appeared in court, in a case that was left under the banner"Illegal investigation ". He also said he had a mental illness.

However, the controversies appear to be circulated, because many of what he says about himself can not be closed. In his Instagram account, for example, Eguillor is shown as Black Label Modal, but erased the logo through a message in the same social network. "We received other messages like yourself, but we do not know or communicate with the people you are talking about. You can check the history of the Black Label and prove that it has never been a model of the brand. We have already sent Instagram the matching complaints to us to use our name. We value your concerns and your loyalty to the brand"They confirmed.

According to its Facebook profile, at the same time, Eguillor is Universidad del Salvador is a law student and has his work as secretary in the Lomas de Zamora courts, where his mother is a criminal prosecutor.

An The case he has been accused has occurred on November 15 last year and went on in the past through social networks. According to the police, that night came and with a 911 call from the neighbors, firemen and firemen coming to the police station door. building meters fixed from the corner of Independencia and Piedras. Then on a third floor balcony, Eguillor was struggling with a woman who was like to go into the street. The hot setting was recorded in images with close-up neighbors.

After being rescued and transferred to hospital in a state of serious sadness, the girl, who did not attract her name, She said she was trying to escape because of her; and that she had been ruined. At the same time, Eguillor said that she had been going to start, and # 39; trying to kill himself and had been translated for saving. It was transferred to the Office of Criminal and Maritime Furnishings Number 22 by the Treasurer Dr. Eduardo Cubria.

One of the brothers told the girl who called her in a reserve to the newspaper La Nación that the victim suffered a moment very difficult and at this time i'll be Speaking but she spent more information. He met Eguillor at the Jet Bowling and agreed to take her up at UADE University, where she is learning. But finally, tell her she did not; he could and invite her to visit that night at the room in San Telmo, a friend to him, where everything happened.

Rejected by the famous Rodrigo Eguillor, the young man who has been accused of abuse

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