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Inntrig 2019.01.30 09:30

As early as this year, Cornex's registered companies are able to raise money through crowdfunding. Investments will also be made easier when individual investments are stored in Conex, registered companies, and # 39; Reduce the 100 million winks that won 30 million win. Connex-registered companies that meet specific criteria are free from external inspection markets and their burden is calm.

The chairman of the final financial committee held a concert on his / her. subject & # 39; Young people, dreaming of recording and a dream of getting up; at the Youth Work Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on 29th. At a concert, around 100 young people from 40 companies in the related industries such as enterprise capital (VC), securities, and related companies were collected to consider strategies for Conn market revival and the difficulties faced with; at the IPO Korea market.

To make the corporate funding easier, the Financial Services Group has also allowed Cornex's registered companies to raise money through crowdfunding. In accordance with the current regulations, crowdfunding can not be done for registered companies, except Connex registered companies. However, it was decided that it would only be allowed for companies within three years of registration.

Due to the lack of liability in the Conex market, we will continue to settle into the new management of stock prices if there is a valid inventory in the price process. If the new stock price manager decides based on the application request, it will decide your new stock prices. Under the current regulations, all registered companies have & # 39; including prices that have been multiplied by the discounted price at the expense of capital gains, and Konex has been identified as a problem that it is difficult to raise funds due to lack of gratitude as a result of price flexibility. Indeed, 19 out of 49 new companies (38.8%) in 2015 and 18 companies (36%) out of 50 new corporations registered in 2016 were not funded by the end of 2018.

ConneX's registered companies also reduce their responsibility for accounting and external scrutiny. If the registered status of its registered company has been & # 39; cost ongoing business for three years of business and external audit times are considerably lower than the normal survey period according to external review law, the Commission needs Priorities and Investigator Income from outside appointments. They are expected to increase their nomination.

The Financial Management Commission (FSC) has decided that the protection of Konex Corporation, which meets specific requirements, will be the recommendation of a named councilor by signing up. Revision of related regulations, to nominate external auditor as a result of financial disputes. In addition, it has decided that Standard and Supervisory System Control Control System Small and Medium Criminal Accounting & # 39; to small businesses such as Conex. Companies will be able to apply for a Conex registration with a survey report that was examined by law for the first half of the year and its. previous year.

The company also attempts to charge the sum of money from KRW 100 million to KRW 30 million to increase investment investment in Konex. According to the policy for expanding individual investors greatly, private investors have decided to invest in Conex without resources.

The Financial Management Commission aims to discharge the role of the divisions as a requirement for registration. The shareholders, including the largest shareholders and related parties, will be obliged to distribute more than 5% of the shares after one year from the date recorded. The registered companies that currently have a decision to be & # 39; Counting the application time from the system's change date. If the company failed to multiply within time, it will take a one-year grace period to & # 39; discuss the efforts of the companies.

In addition, the Financial Control Commission has decided to expand the price added to the interim trading linked from ± 15% to ± 30% to support re- M & As animation such as professional investors and VCs. In addition, a company with three years of appointment as a designated consultee must complete the obligations of the supplier (LP), and thus reduce the responsibility of the person assigned.

The company decided that they would not let the # 39; company continuity checking for all companies listed on the & # 39; KOSDAQ company to use the early registration system. Depending on the current rule, the business continuity study must be able to; Quickly register the company only for companies that are suspected that they have been solved, but it has been used for a & # 39; most companies. It is expected that companies will have the management structure and sustainable management of a management stability test as well as the continuity of enterprise review. In addition, there will be even a list of companies that are not profitable, companies with good market valuation and good equity distribution.

To strengthen the protection of owners, we will submit six regular publications related to the construction and removal of obsolete assets, construction and grievance arrangements, spills, financing, and the provision of trusts. The government has decided to support the inclusion of a disclosure policy so that it can answer facts and reports, and strengthen corporate IR.

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