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According to scientific research, this vitally important list is to be achieved by a common diet for the residents of 21 hard countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

"Although it is known as amphibians, it's not a diet," said Rahaf Al Bochi, a registered editor in Atlanta, a speaker for the Nutrition Academy and Dietetics. "It does not tell you what you're eating and does not eat. It's a lifestyle that helps to use All food groups but giving more weight to those with the greatest health benefits. "

That means weight on plants: fruit, vegetables, grain, nuts and seeds. Eat lots of eating animals and use all kinds and colors to get the widest range of nutrition, mytochemicals and fiber. Cook, roasted or vegetable with herbs and a little extra oil of olive oil.

Stay away from coconut and palm oil, warning Al Bochi. Although they are based on a plant, these eyes are high in saturated fat that builds bad cholesterol.

Add whole grains and fruit to each meal, but use nuts and seeds such as garnish or small food due to the high calorie and fat content.

There are also advantages in the diet of Mediterranean even in old age, and discussing the study

On average food, fish and other seafood eat at least twice a week. Cheese and yogurt appear daily every week, in middle installments; Chicken and eggs are fine enough at times, but the use of meat and sweeteners is not very limited.

Diet in which meat is so scarce with sugars? For anyone who thinks that food is built around a portion of red meat, pig or chicken, the dietary diet based on plants may be very large.

"It does not have to make an overall review throughout the night," said Kelly Toups, a registered editor, "or not be totally unwilling to start your life to get rid of it. eat healthy, everything is counted. "

Put a delightful and fierce move

Toups is the feeding director for Oldways, a non-priority nutrition group that is willing to guide people "to good health through heritage." Its intention is to encourage healthy food through the use of traditional bacteria based on African, Asian, American Latin and, in fact, median media.

As a visual way of stimulating change, Oldways created a Mediatic pyramid of Mediterranean in 1993, in conjunction with the Harvard Public Health School and the World Health Organization.

Interestingly, the ground level of the pyramid does not focus on food at all. Instead, exercise is maximized on exercise, eating vigorously with friends and family, settling over food.

"We will be promoting at least 20 minutes per minute," said Al Bochi. "I understand that many people can be a big player, but a little start. Take away television, cell phone removal, focus on meaningful conversations, & # 39 ; slowly tap and stop between bits. That may be the beginning of your eating eating mind. "

As an exercise, it does not have to be in sport.

"The way of life of Wales is to walk with friends and family," said Toups. "Instead of thinking about exercise as you need to do, just walk or dance or move in a delightful way."

Move to whole grains

One of the easiest steps you can when you start your middle-class food, Toups says, a & # 39; Includes allotted cumulative idioms. Choose whole wheat bread and pasta, and replace a white rice with a wild or wild ox.

To ensure that everything you buy in the whole grain, Oldway's Grain Council has made a "whole grain" stamp made black and gold that can be used voluntarily, with each stamp listing all of the total hedgehogs in a & # 39; produce. The stamp has 12,000 items in more than 58 countries; Users can search materials by countries to find what they need.

"If you compare a comparison between two different bread buckets, for example, all slates may have 18 grams of grain, and there may be 22," said Toups . "So if you're new to a complete language, you may want to start lower and work on your way."

Changed grain over the centuries, known as "ancient grains" is also a key factor in the Mediterranean food. Quinoa, amaranth, mith, ceramic, spelling, Kamut (said wheat grain found in Egyptian grave) and teff (Ethiopia grain about the size of mulberry seeds) are examples of ancient hedgehogs.

Each man has a different flavor and device, so Toups has a suggestion to have a & # 39; Try once a month at home or at a restaurant.

"The central food of Scotland has been very attractive for a while now," said Toups. "It is very easy to sample grains and foods between the Mediterranean and that these types of materials are so popular with ordinary restaurants."

It is recommended at least six proportions of hedges, & # 39; maybe more, daily, and at least half of them should be full of grain, saying Toups. If you are worried about the effects of carbs on your side, it is recommended that you look at the long-term benefits.

"We're sure to get questions about that low-up," said Toups. "You may also lose weight to take malaria, but that does not mean that you should do that."

Revive your protein

To maximize the benefits of the Mediterranean food, different protein sources are important.

"You do not have to eat meat and chicken every day to get your protein needs," said Al Bochi. "They also contain large amounts of protein in fences and glasses. They also bring you fiber, vitamins and lots of antioxidants."

An easy way to start, Al Bochi, is to cook a single-day cooking based on whole beans, grain and vegetables, Use herbs and spices to add a punch. When breaking one night a week, insert two, and pick up your non-meat food there.

Is the diet of the Mediterranean good for children too?

In order to do so easily, Al Bochi recommends a & # 39; sell your banner with easy tools. Some of the best protein sources are leeks, beans and hens. Tiles are only 25 minutes for cooking on the stove, she says, without night's need to be overnight; Shells and sausages are not to be burned but can be thrown into noses and salads or used to make cheese no burgers.

When you eat meat, you have small amounts. For a main course, this means that there are no more than 3 unks of hen or heavy meat. Better: Use small pieces of chicken or slices of wet meat to taste food based on vegetable, such as stir fry.

There are two week services of fat fish such as salmon, herring, sardines and rivers that are essential for her & her; Mediterranean Mediterranean food as a result of the high level of healthy omega-3 fat losses, which is important to endanger the risk; to reduce heart disease.

Salmon fish, such as salmon, is the need for its amphibians.
Yes, there is a danger that mercury and other pollutants are in some fish, but an American Heart Association says that the benefits of eating fish are more than dangerous.

The society recommends eating a variety of seafood to minimize any adverse effects. There is a grid, a & # 39; salmon, chocall, tunnel and seabird tend to have the lowest intermediate levels, the group says, with the highest levels and which should be avoided, especially with children and pregnant women.

Milk products are also a good protein source. Eat Greek rice for a breakfast or cushion of cheese while & # 39; While swimming in the Mediterranean food is so long, & nbsp; it is in assessment.

"In the Mediterranean Sea, squirrels have been eaten in small numbers, such as Parmesan scratch scratched on brot or vegetable food," said Toups, "not just a four-cheese pizza."

To help with indexing design, Al Bochi and Oldway's recipes are on their website. Oldway has also created a creation guide that includes shopping guides, helpful suggestions and a monthly value of recipes designed to surrender the surrender.

Do not stop breakfast

The Older & Mediterranean plan offers breakfast; In other words, your body thinks food is scarce and its; pulling your metabolism, adding to stress weight.

Central American diet can prevent depression, search for new checks

Choose between a full grain toast, bagels, pita or English muffins, not spread with soft cheese, cavity, avocado or any bone butter. You can also add whole grain grain, such as oatmeal or granola, up to a cup of milk, yogurt and bacon or nut milk.

Add small or medium fruit or a cup of berries, instead of fruit juice, because the fiber will help you. To endeavor to last end up to lunchtime, the plan is to propose to add egg, yogurt or whole nuts to the food.

If you do not change for a while in the morning, breakfast can be a bigger cause. Breakfast is a good choice in breakfast breaks, veggie omelet no frittata, no pancake wholly filled with new berries and yoghurt.

The fiber in a porridge cup, like blueberries, will help you fill it up.

You can also think outside the box. Why not try a brothel or a lot of roasted animals for breakfast?

"Many people in the Mediterranean Sea will eat small food insects for breakfast," said Al Bochi. "It's a bit of a taste, some cheese, a little honey and fruit, such things."

Rethink a dessert

Daily sweetness within the meals of Mediterranean is also different from the usual American selection.

"The selection season seasonal season is eaten in the Central Media Center," said Al Bochi, "apart from our usual bundles, cookies and cakes."

If you're tired of eating raw fruits, get creative. Poach pears in pomegranate juice with a little honey, then lowering sugar and serving greyhog yogurt. Pineapal grill or other fruit and can be heard with honey. Break out of fruit, including avocado (it's a very good idea). Make a fig or date with a cheese gum and add cookies to a few nuts. Create apricot brown rush apple or even whole-wheat-fried thirst.

Some cultures in the Mediterranean Sea will Put glasses of red wine into daily food. If you are not a wine drinker, you do not. Starting: Although traditional research has given protection benefits to heart disease and diabetes, recent studies have been investigated and are being investigated. Thinking, and the jury out of the total benefits of any kind of alcohol.

But if you enjoy wine, it's good to go to; Treat yourself with a small glass of red wine during closing as part of the Mediterranean food, Al Bochi says. It is okay to occasionally add baking or convicted sex. After all, there is no food that is very important.

"People have this mind enough, I need to cut off sugar, cut out carbs," said Al Bochi. "But I encourage you to think," what can I add to my diet? "Where are you going to add more fruit and vegetables? Where do you add more poles and ponds and whole corners? Where are you going to add some of these healthy fat? "

"So that's the mind that I'm encouraging," she said. "A more advanced way of creating healthy behaviors."

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