Confidentiality against "sausages": the Gold Ball with the facts – 2018 Gold Ball – Football


It's really true to come close. After a decade of independent Ronaldo-Messi post, 2018 Baile an Oir should breathe the football world. The winning person will be identified in December 3, but from November 9th and when the votes are closed, it does not happen on a day or almost without a healthy internet. There were two strong names spreading on; chanvas, ghost with more proof than the other.

The two ever without three? Already convinced with the UEFA player title and then FIFA of the year, Luka Modric will call his / her audiovisual if we believe the Spanish television channel Cuatro. Categorical, the final one announced Thursday last year that the croft will succeed CR7 in the list of prestigious individual awards.

It was announced that the first solution, which appeared on 9 November from the mouth of former journalist Xavier Barret, was declared Football of France, organizer of the prize: half-way through the votes, the former world witch was ahead of two France, Raphaël Varane and Kylian Mbappé. The "refund" was shared by Europe 1, on November 14.

Despite the second star that won in Russia, there is no blue whatsoever; After that, Zinedine Zidane later called the Holy Gold Ballon in France in 1998? Not as fast as Another journalist, the Italian Tancredi Palmeri, hoped for the Tricolores, to one in particular, that the only one who hides not want to get hold of his / her; barrier: Antoine Griezmann. "Some of the stores inside say that the Golden Ball is given to Griezmann, we see", a tweet on beIN Sports Writer November 20.

But where does that information come in? From anywhere and this is the problem for Pascal Ferré. Little by little when he answered the questions of, the head teacher's editor Cois na Frainge tax only and just as it is called "big accidents". "It's the same every year: everyone who is unfamiliar with something" speaks "he laments her. "When the records come out, we can see that many people have said they talk to the pretty sausages, the same is the usual thing, but this year it is worse than usual. " In a quest, more open voting and Ronaldo or Messi should not strengthen their collection of a seven golden range.

"Only three people are aware of the name of their" winner "

Suddenly, the end of the historian is the two live legends that open the door to all the opinions. "One day, Griezmann is ahead, Varane is the next thing, the next day is Modric and then Mbappé is amazing. It's funny but everything is supported by anything not because he's a journalist. ", Ferré regrets. "All of these things, what we read on the left, on the right … Indeed, not just the gloss of journalism that it wants to read as much of a three-week archive . "

"If there is a different name with twenty people, a man in the lot must be right, but it's based on anything, if you're not lucky, in the same way that no one can be entitled to the final account ", Ferré added to him. And for good reasons. "We are loyal, only three people are aware of the name of their winner, there are confidential protocols", he says. The journalist is clear though everything is: "We will not be much easier, the closest we get to the closing date, the harder to keep the secret, but we have some knowledge of what happens to us or we will & Trying to have an independent risk in just one week since the results have been expressed, everything that comes out of this will continue to be completely wild . " Have a warning

Video – Griezmann, Modric, Mbappé? We raised 2018 ballots


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