Confirmation that Bishop Francisco José Cox will be traveled to Chile to address allegations of sexual abuse


The recent revival of the 83-year-old presbyterian situation, senile dementia, diabetes and prostate cancer. Despite this, the doctors thought it was possible to travel. Living in Germany since 2002

The former division of the Catholic Church of Schoenstatt confirmed that the income for Chile from Bishop La Serena, Francisco José Cox, is expected to be in February. Their religion has been living in the & # 39; Germany since 2002, since its removal and despite the life of "silence and prayer", based on verbal allegations of sexual abuse.

Patricio Moore said cox, who had been poor clergy with Francis Francis in October, diabetes, cancer prostain and senile dementia at 83.

"The tests were done, 42 pages of statements are quite complete, although he has many illnesses, the doctor says that he can travel to Sile and so we have made a decision back to the -Sile for doing it right and what is needed, "Moore said in accordance with Cooperativa.

On the other hand, one of the people who suffered Hernán Godoy was happy with the news. "It seems good for me, here Mr Cox is waiting for him, my lawyers are waiting for him, telling him that I am no longer a 13-year-old boy, that I am man and I am now fighting for justice, "he said.

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