Confirmative Burmese message before Vietnam


At the meeting of the Violet Telephone 20/11, representatives of the Soe Moe Kyaw Myanmar Football Association were influenced by their presence; defeated Hang's teacher park here in Thuwunna.

Confirmative Burmese message before Vietnam

Before a game between Myanmar and Vietnam in a & # 39; AFF Cup 2018 group, Myanmar Football Association's representative Moe Kamew published confidently that the team has three full points in the next game.

Prior to this, Myanmar with Malaysia and Vietnam will be six points after two overall benefits. And this negotiation will decide which team will be entitled to the final.

Burmese self-confident message before playing on Vietnam
Myanmar is being asked to call Vietnam

Before a game, the representative of the Myanmar Football Association, Soe Moe Kyaw, has said that the team is affect Vietnam Phone in the next game.

Soe Moe Kyaw said: "Our home-based benefits, home-based listeners should benefit greatly. Three points you get to Vietnam are very important because it makes it easier for Myanmar to be more measured.

If Vietnam is not able to win, Myanmar is at risk when the guests in Mallaig are in the last game. This is a strong and very good enemy at home. In order to make the breath easier, he has forced Myanmar to abolish Vietnam. "

In addition, he also said that Hang Seo Park is not a teacher's teacher; emphasizing the guests despite being in this game after three points ahead of Malaysia.

Mr Soe Moe Kyaw is further investigated: "Given that he is spending to Myanmar, Vietnam still retains the right to self-assert only that the crew would have escaped in Cambodia at home in the last one. "


After this visit, Myanmar will travel to Malaig to Mallaig for her. blow off. This is not an easy challenge with the teacher Antoine Hey in questioning for tickets to the final round.

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