Conflict between 11th grade students, and guns challenging challengers



Protector (white shirt), Hieu (moss shirt) and Cuong (shirt). Image of a predator

According to the Tri Tri papers reported on November 18, the court of the people in the Nghe Court today has just released a criminal trial after Phan Van Tho (SN 1998, Chau Quang, Quy Hop division, Nghe An area), Tran Xuan Hieu (SN 2000, Quy Hop District, Quy Hop District) and Thai Huy Cuong (SN 2000, Chau Thai District, Quy Hop District) for "Murder".

Cuong and Hieu are 11th grade students. Between Cuong and Pham Son Nin (SN 2000, living in Nghia Xuan, Quy Hop area), they will meet at the Sông L. crossroads. Cuong pushed Hieu and Tho with him, carrying two guns, take a hand in hand, and use his gun.

At the rendezvous, Cuong party was suspended by Nin's party. You're fired by the enemy's gun; Ho Ho Minh Minh – Our friends are wounded in the roof and on the right.

Stone slates, sticks, towels are thrown after a & # 39; feeling after feeling but Hieu with a pistol he was aiming for, and stopped and stopped.

According to Electronic Journalist reporter, Hieo fled to jump to his / her; car to go to town. It is known in May 2016, Tho bought two guns and a box of weapons in the Tuong Duong area, spending the Nghe division 15 million.

At a trial, Cuong, Tho and Jehu mentioned all the crimes. Hieu's father, after the incident, said that three families of the defendants sent the victim to Hanoi for a cure and a 65 million compensation. At the test, the victim also asked to reduce the penalty for the three defendants.

Listen to the producer who praises the sentence for his son, who is now a keen mother of the accused person. The mother of the guardian, Hieu and Tho, asked the police officers to carry their children. They were crying loud when they were close to me. At the same time, Hieu put smell, raised his hand to his friends and asked for health not to be aware of his mother's desire. Just the person who defended the cause that Hieu brought people who were present at court urgently.

After a broad review of the case, the Panel sentenced to Phan Van Tho to 13 years in prison, Thai Huy Cuong 4 years in prison, Tran Xuan Hieu 4 years in prison for murder. After hearing the sentence for his son, the accused's mother said Tho to sob.

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