Conflict in the community, a young man killed


When a room is played, there is a Trong to & # 39; Coming with a group of young people drinking. Later on, when the scab, put a knife on dead S ..

On 20 November, representatives from the regional police Gia Lai said only in the area that the victim killed. Mr Nguyen Ngoc S. (SN 1995, resident in Dong Trieu commune, Quang Ninh province) is converted into the death of the abbey. After the crime, Nguyen Van Trong (SN 1982, who lived in fourth street 4, Chu House, Duchess Co.) came to the office of her. police.

Before that, at about 22 p.m. on 18/11, Trong came to Hong H. Ngo Thi's room (SN 1979, along with a 4-room villa, Chu Ty town). At the moment, at the boardroom, Mr S. Thuc (SN 1992, who lived in the Dong Trieu township, Quang Ninh province) and Mr Vo Hong Thuoc (SN 1982, lived in the Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa division)

Security - Criminal - Gia Lai: Conflict in the community, a young man killed

Crime scene.

When he was walking through his room, Trong heard three in the room; Speaking that poorly speaking people should talk back. Both sides have faced and opposed challenges. He will bruise into the motel room to & # 39; using a sharp knife and striking it in the inside, causing it to fall and fall; run away.

At about 13h on 19/11, Trong came to the Duc Co district, the Gia Lai continent. The person who suffered S. was taken to hospital in Gia Lai General Hospital but due to serious injury they should die.

At this time, the police have done an autopsy, they have examined the vision to reinforce the shape and handle what is defined by law.

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