Cong Phuong's laptop seal is still growing


The Phuong played invasion before leaving the field to Van Toan's place. Last minute, he fell in the # 39; punishment after the breaking by Myanmar keeper. However, the referee did not punish Vietnam. Out of this game, Cong Phuong has knocked his knees to reduce the risk of injury.

Nghe An's supporters are scratched in Myanmar but in the friendly 11/11 Thuwanna game, he is at fire.

Cong Phuong has a tough shape from the beginning with two goals to open the scourge against Laos and Malaysia. However, he always met the game, without fear of having a & # 39; fighting from the enemy.

Quang Hai, Quang Hai is injured, causes Hang-seo Park coach to worry. After a game, Vietnam's players sent the referee to complain about how to keep the whistle for 90 minutes.

HAGL is also very positive but not the winner of the keeper.

Burmese players make it difficult for Vietnam.

Zong Feng was cleared by guardian Zin Hetet.

Cong Phuong is actively active in maintaining; member, and increasingly, in coordination with the team. His treatment was unsuccessful.

The game ended in a 0-0 draw. After this battle, Vietnam returned home to Cambodia, and Myanmar came to Malaysia.

Two saved out of Myanmar

The Nurse was sure that the enemy's goal hit

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