Congo is the second largest Ebola break in history. Half thousand dead


Congo is the second largest Ebola break in history. Half thousand dead

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The world's second most difficult source of virus Ebola, which occurs in DR Congo. Over 500 deaths in this number, almost 100 children …

Foreign journalists said on 11 February that Mr Heather Kerr, charitable director & # 39; Save the Children in the Democratic Republic. Chongo or DR Congo, Sunday statement on Ebola Breakdown on the East of the Country Acting at least 97 children on death, with 65 of under 5s

Mr Kerr said in a statement "We have reached a crossroads. If we do not take emergency steps to control this issue, the situation may start for another 6 months or & Probably a year ago. "

Although the Public Health Ministry DR reported an account on Sunday night saying that there are 811 people who have symptoms of severe fever in North Kiwi and in the Itori state in the northeast of the country . 750 of these people were diagnosed with E. Bola 510 cases died, which meant that the rate of death of this disease was as high as 63%

Save The Chill shows that the number of new diseases has increased rapidly in January from around 20 cases per week to 40 cases per week. They also disrupted information. In local society And the belief of officials born in DR Congo

"The most important thing to do people in the community is to believe Ebola is a very serious and worrying," said Kerr. "The people were separated and kept the funeral because they did not. believe that the deceased died because of Ebola. Although rescue workers were at risk with the people Because they believe the staff will spread the disease. We need our efforts to get young people and community leaders to build a trust and help us to turn this situation. Patient treatment is important. But it's also important to stop Ebola from & # 39; spread more than this. "

This is the 10th entry of Ebola in the DR Congo. Since this disease was detected in 1976 and this is the worst event in this decision in Central Africa. And the second hardest in the world after its breakdown in 2014-2016 in West Africa As a result, 28,652 patients, 11,325 died

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