Conmebol meeting meeting after Boca River River cemetery


After being suspended to see more information about the final Cup Cup Libertad between River Plate and Boca Juniors, major Argentine football partners, the leaders of the two clubs will meet Tuesday at their headquarters. Chonmebol to try to find a new date.

There are incidental events around the stadium, wounded players, allegations between leaders: from Saturday, the situation tends an hour around this meeting that has become a major sporting event in the world. football, a & # 39; This competition in South America is the same as the Welsh League.

The images of the river followers are gutted on a & # 39; Bus at Boca players, covers around the playground, was arrested, flown on the streets of this area of ​​Buenos Aires that sank in a rare gas scout all over the world.

Although thousands of spectators were rising Saturday in the stadium, and including President FIFA Gianni Infantino, the organizers needed to complete their finances; meeting so they could get more information.

The bus went into the river with several broken windows. Players came out coughs, flexible eyes. Captain Pablo Pérez was taken to hospital for a medical examination.


The passion and competition between River Plate and Boca Juniors, the most famous clubs in Argentina, is that the meetings meet. frequent decline of events.

In addition, these scenes of urban violence have the adverse effects in a few days of the G20 conference, which will take place in the Argentine capital on November 30 and December 1, where state and government leaders are expected to come up with the top 20 wealthy countries.

After agreeing to suspend the game, Boca Juniors is now inviting a banner of green flag after a Saturday event. The first dog came to an end in a 2-2 draw.

Opposite, President River Plate, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, attacks opposition. "I can not believe that he can not hold his promise, we put in a document, and we hold hands, and then I hear that Boca has removed the Conmebol and asks that they will be fairies by order. "On Drift Monday said on Radio Mitre.

Onofrio Days said the game had been playing Saturday night without the repositioning support made by Boca Juniors president, as the Conmebol stated in this way; despite what happened and the pain that Pablo Perez made.

Call for negotiation

Boca wants the River to be allowed because the Boca bus outlet and rock attack has been made by ultra-River supporters, make use of the Argentine police security tool.

Buenos Aires's Chief Executive, Martin Ocampo, also resigned his appointment Monday.

In addition to a Tuesday meeting between the headteachers, the Disciplinary of Conmebol Tribunal, an independent group of ten members, will have to monitor, "Monday to AFP added a reservation within its Confederation.



President Conmebol, Alejandro Dominguez, said the leaders of the two clubs would come to negotiate. "It's a lot bigger than a sports title that is in place. All players in American football will go out to end violence, and defile violence with the South American football," he said. warned him.

In 2015, in the eighth final between the two companies, Boca Juniors received a penalty, a game that was lost on a green hatch (3-0), as one of his supporters had spirits a funeral sparkling River Plate, in the tunnel that guides catching chambers to the floor.

Diego Maradona, a Boca jersey, has also put two pieces. "I enjoy winning the range, but if we do not respect the standards, we have to punish and punish the boca points for Boca," he says. want.


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