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Apple Apple's basic connection interfaceApple Apple's basic connection interface

Sina Digital News On the 14th of December, Apple announced today that Apple Music artists will perform the Apple Music Connect publishing work, and Apple Music Connect content released after its & # 39; May next year. This means Apple has re-entered Times of social networks

Apple Music Connect is a platform for artists / artists and fans to interact with Apple Music Services. It was created on Apple Music's music platform, which allows musicians to communicate directly with fans. In order to explain in detail, it is a socially-based music-based way and a big star V.

This platform has been online since 2015, but it seems unsuccessful. At the beginning of the release, this stage appeared to be artists and were not very suited to settling. Moderate Airplane's most popular singer Dave Wiskus said on his blog that he believes that Apple Music Connect's social features are not involved in the world; music and can not be used as a normal social network.

Nowadays, Apple Music Artists have accessed Apple:

"We have made some changes to Apple Music and we want to tell you.

We are always seeking ways to increase their focus on artists and help them to make a better link to their fans. So we gave us a new design to the artist's page and we put forward a new broadcast of artists.

Today, we will add Connect from the artist's page and your page to simplify music information. This means, from 13 December 2018, that you can not post a Content content, but all previously uploaded content will be searched until May 24, 2019. You can still song songs Create an email with the latest version of Apple Music. "

In fact, this is not Apple's first change for Apple Music Connect. It has been removed from its & # 39; A different table of Apple Music to the "For you" section, which is the same as a drop from the first-level to the second level program.

Apple has built a number of hardships and has added to their knowledge by using the App's eco-system, but it seems that none of them have any of them. company for social products and did not succeed in social products.

In September 2010, Jobs published the "Ping" music network based on iTunes at its new showcase conferences for goods. He wanted to create a social network of music based on iTunes, and allows users to communicate with their favorite friends and artists to talk about their favorite music.

The outside world believes that this is the challenge Jobs have been launching for Facebook and Twitter, but indeed Ping's design is quite different, it's more like a high- selling a music content platform in a social shell.

Jobs introduced Ping on the platform.Jobs introduced Ping on the platform.

In May 2012, the Cook Chief introduced in that the user's options were in & # 39; Show that this is a result that is not worth the effort. On 30 September of that year, Ping was officially closed.


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