Connection to & # 39; Promoting Thailand Mobile Expo 2019 on 7 – 10 February at BITEC, Bangna [อัพเดท 3 กุมภา]


A countdown can be done for the biggest mobile event in Thailand. Thailand Mobile Expo 2019 On 7-10 February, at BITEC, Bangna, the newer area is larger, wider, more comfortable. Make sure you have to walk to see their mobile phone. In fact, look at the gas jet. In addition, there is an improvement in securing money and giving money in the bank.

Before going to see each brand's promotional leaflets. Please see how this action plan is. And what is the camp coming? In addition to mobile phones There are also new innovations at this event. It was launched for its first time, as an electric motorcycle platform, Platform Connectivity EV from DTAC, a Mobile Punch Display from Huawei, Apple fans should not be able to. The first episode of Studio 7 was lost with Apple's items in the event.

Not all That If you want to use the mobile phone Royole FlexPai, the mobile phone in the world in the world, be able to know each other in the event. And the future of the tools Join the latest innovations from the 2019 CES class event worldwide, also with Bangkok EV Expo, a display of electric vehicles, clean energy to help with pollution. PM2.5 and linked to Idol Expo, the best idol event in Thailand, all within one event

Upgrade Huawei

Starting with the 2nd largest phone crest that is running; You enjoy the world, such as Huawei, this time there is no major rival such as Samsung. So let's arrange a big bed for three houses. There are lots of cool things to do at the beginning of the week, but the new items available at this event are: Huawei Nova 4, MediaPad T5 10.1 and Huawei Watch GT.

OPPO promotion

OPPO is also offering free promotion to those who are in a position; mainstream phone buyers. East & Seas Tripod OPPO Tripod and also digital 32-inch LED digital TV Sharp Aquos to sleep at home. With a glass film from Focus that is attached free of charge

Other modules Details are as follows.

  • OPPO Find X Buy this event Get a special OPPO Special Grant Get X Tripod
  • OPPO F9 Also offering lots of things free too. Free box box and OPPO bags
  • OPPO A7 Make the most valuable value 7.990 Not to be sold, reduced to 6,990 only
  • OPPO A3s Easier for a new price of 4,699 baht (2GB RAM) and 6,590 baht (3GB RAM modal)


The Expo Mobile activation campaign has yet to be released, but it is expected that it will be amazing. Because this time has begun to change the price of the New Year of China in advance If it happens, it should be discounted, donated, without the loss of any camp.

Xiaomi Promotion

Xiaomi started to surrender to PM2.5 dust, and & # 39; The beautiful phone like Mi 8 is a special price increase with a 6GB / 64GB module, and # 39; reducing the price from 15,990. There are only 12,999 baht The highest 6GB / 128GB model is usually 17,990 baht. It's just 14,999 baht Do not include a nose breath with a free ZHIMI dust deposit.

Motorola Promotion

Motorola has a special price for Moto G6 Plus phones, which is reduced from 8,990. A total of 7,990 baht, Moto E5 Plus ordinary 5.990 Left 4,990 baht Moto One has an amazing price for the event.

Brosnachadh HONOR

HONOR is ready for this event with a new model that has just launched an example of HONOR 10 Lite, which is waiting for a specific promotion. And expecting other key models such as HONOR 10 and HONOR Play to enable the promotion of advances such as

Promoting AIS

For each gamers, do not slowly Need to be played for play. Advertisement UK Play UK Forecast Last updated 12:03, Wednesday 12 Aug Please turn on JavaScript. Need JavaScript to play. This can not be played. The Flash player is not right.

Advertising Truemove H


Other Brosnachadh

Not all straightforward advances. As this is not just about sipping dipping information. The cool material should be released in the next week or in the event. We will keep updating the information. Like every time Oh! … you will not forget this trip that is not the only place there. Be careful to go wrong.

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