Contaminated disaster, 1 dead, 2 people essential


On the afternoon of November 21, a traffic accident occurred in the town of Cat Tien, the Lam Dong area, causing 3 casualties.

The scene of the disaster

The scene of the disaster

Depending on its first information, at a time when the truck is having a & # 39; BSC 49C – 050.03 (unidentified driver) operated by Dinh Bo Linh Road (the town of Cat Tien) with a high speed falling directly to Nguyen Thil. run to & # 39; bike in the same way ahead of us. Liquidly lit L. to the car and killed the spot.

Stopping there, the victim pulled the victim over 30m and lost the driver on the left, just to Dang Thi Hong Hanh (who lived in Cat Tien) and the 8-year-old daughter She sits on a motorcycle on the other side. The disaster causes Hanh's mother and ill-haired children to get rid of them in hospital.

At the scene, the thirsty disaster had dropped over 30 meters, totally lying on the left side of the road. The bicycles and the bicycle of those who suffered were completely done.

The authorities investigate, & # 39; clarify the cause of the accident.

Ngoc Ha

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