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The new record, 30Y, will be released in spring – the scheduled online show will be on display – no video was killed on one of its songs , but as the artists said, it is a movie; there. The name is not disastrous, a You spoke to me again his music was inspired by an image, and then the film was attached to the picture, with one actor, Teodora Uhrik The prize won by Kossuth and Ferenc Liszt dancer ballet

"The story of this song began many years ago. When we wrote music with Papa Sárközy The little prince For a ballet, I had a picture once of Dora standing on the front of a mirror. It was so strong, vibrant, I knew I had to start something. That is a song by the image of this image. And when we wrote again, I knew it was. I raised it up on a mobile phone, and I showed him to Dora when I asked this song to dance, "said Zoltán Beck, director of his band, about the story of globe.

Again, the new record that will be released at the end of March 30Y will be repeated again. Whether they are short for this, this new album is represented, Beck said: "We've never heard of our stories about humans, but the pace is not slower than These songs are less likely to the record. " They wrote a list, "and maybe even more misleading than I was thinking".

Find out more about the video clip of the 30Y Edition

Find out more about the video clip of the 30Y Edition

Photo by Gábor Bátori / 30Y

Despite this, the clip is not a bearer of the # 39; A general image of a band or a disc, but a separate cultural output, a separate film, "a story about the world that tells something more than it is." The artistic arts are able to cooperate with each other, and see it is valuable and proud to be a partner of a "contemporary ballet director" in this work.

This is a turning number that has made a huge impact, because Zoli was looking for me to write, "said Teodora, 75, aged 75." This is a matter of time, to understand how to become old. "

Although it was very good to work with the staff, it was hard work; for two days of burning. Particularly because many scenes have been taken over and over again, "you would have to repeat the motions a thousand times, this is not different from drama work." It is also because of "I was a subject and at the same time it was a creative contributor. I also had to do and analyze the processes, and take care of me to do it; Developing a true transition form ".

The film is led by Tamás Seres, led by Krisztián Pamuki. "Uhrik Teodora is my friend, I know that he is the youngest son. It is not a bias to the words, because the art has not yet had a strong relationship to date. There is a series of awards, However, in a way God of God was always a couple of two women in the dance, "said Seres that he accepted the request.

"Then Beck Zoli came and hit us. I thought he was getting ridiculed, but then that music came in an email, this verse, and perhaps one of the most interesting Zoli texts, silence, text thinking, and in fact, many different ways. And he knew what he wanted. The easiest thing and The most difficult: meeting. And then Dora knew what she wanted, and she asked me, and gave me my strength and started to settle it. That is, to help you Understand, see yourself from the outside. It's harder than I was alone, "the director returned to his / her creation process.

Dora-Zoli is a beautiful etude. "It's a chair, color, lovelessness, a cheat, breaking and trust. Every word we know, public places are, in fact, just here in a vibrant fact, an organic visual device," said Jane. Pamuki's most memorable work is for "realizing a common vision with three amazing artists. I am particularly pleased to meet with Dora and I'm proud she has taken her motions."

The second song is about the disk that will be released out of the spring by detecting Megin, which can be viewed as a cut (which was the first one in the foregoing). He loved love There was). The Aquarium band will have a concert on April 5 (all tickets were sold) and on June 25th at Hey, June! As part of a series of events, they will play at a pub inn, hosted by Zoltán Mucsi. Between both, in April and May, there will be a series of rural concerts called "disg brakes", including Veszprém, Nyíregyháza, Gyula, Szombathely and Tiszafüred.

(Common Grazing: 30Y / YouTube)

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