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It is likely that this season's season is worse than the Gábor King nymph than he can help with his team. A video that featured the final game of the Szombathely game against the share of the Saturday night of Mezőkövesd shared by M4 on Facebook, shows that the county was down to two levels, trying to get some benefit from Stefan Drazitz at the end of the game. after that, he struggled on something else, and finally put a crown on his back with an incredible abdomen.

In fact, the King's urgent attempt is easy to understand, by launching his new stadium, fall into the second class. After 21 trips, the Szombathely team has 10 points in the final NB NB position. With 2 advantages and 4 drawings, 15 scores have been lost, with the highest (39) and highest Less of the dispersed objectives (15). There were 14 points away from Mezőkövesd on the line home from losing 2-1.

The fans have been fighting against the players from the rounds, and after the loss of the game; recently, their "welcome" has been split by sedentary leaders, and the local myths, such as Gábor Király, will disappear from their casualties.

The suspect and emergency of the suspects seemed to have a sickness; gamekeeper. It would be very difficult to find this solution, as we look slowly bepasszírozni It seems that it is the devastation of my own mischief in the category of natural-class chastity.

The 42-year-old wedding party returned to Szombathely in the summer of 2015 to close his / her closing position at his education organization, but maybe he did not speak such a game.

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