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The accused O. Á. business. The person traveling is in a bad state of ill-health by the city court.

Ten years old he was accused of defending security of seven million pieces of equipment, but he might not leave the Budapest administrative area.

According to the trial, on March 18, 2017, a drink was killed on Szentendre Road. On the night of the accident, he was stuck for an hour after the hotel had drunk for several hours.


The III. Traffic lights are at the junction of Rákóczi Street and Czetz János. Here, he was waiting for two young blinds twenty years in a car to turn the lights green.

You should not seek to exchange red signals in LAMBY to avoid dilution, and to slow down, if there is no damage, that should be the case. to do.

Following the accident, the twenty meter old passenger car was hit before the sign and the concrete column for the public light in the background. The two youngsters, sitting in the innocent car, died immediately at the place. One was one of the twenty-one year kayak in the World Cup, Richard Janza.

Listening began on Thursday with a hearing from the accused. He has been working from trying in the first place, working at the law firm's car park: opening up a barrier, washing cars. He attends a psychologist twice a week. The accused fell ill when the judge concluded that he had left Budapest's administrative area by HIV, but he could not.

The defender then said that it was inevitable that it was impossible to prove that there was too much speeding from due to too much evaluation. According to Szentendrei a "bias" road that drivers are crossing the limit. However, the procurator fiscal says that the offenses of the accused are not liable to guilt, as he never noticed the car waiting, on a four-lane road, without the need to enter a car. be crushed or drawn by the government so that the accident does not hit.

In addition to previous discussions, the accused lived with the right of the last word, and sometimes pressed its text out of paper.

I have lost the lives of two families seriously. I also know that I cannot improve forgiveness. It will not take me day to be that day. But I want the families of the two boys to forgive me. I cannot and cannot take anything into my apology. I am just trying to make my life difficult, to try to be a valued and respected member of society. T

The last offense was told that the imprisonment would be easier than it might be to outside life later.

The judge then closed the test, which will be in early April.

Take care

At the previous June hearing, the procurator fiscal indicated that the accused person acknowledges that he has no memories of the accident. Earlier, experts found that the accused was being impacted on the night of the accident: along with his friends, he was drinking whiskey and others that night, according to witnesses who had been questioned at the scene. at the time of the inspection he was still sleeping in a car.

The procurator fiscal also said that the maximum speed allowed on this stretch of road was 70 kilometers per hour, and that the accident happened during night vision, but that the accused was even doubled, driving t At 170, "amazing speed". According to his lawyer, his client does not want to escape the burden because he knows what he has done.

After this, a second stage assessment will be carried out in a week. The accused was charged with the relief, except for the prison sentence of seven and a half years previously.

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