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Friday, Huawei will leave at Paris exhibition to transcribe phone rules and then introduce the P30 family. Who has a five-fold flexible view, he can be seen in the dark and in others, based on the latest DxOMark experiments, it is possible to make the best phone pictures. Then comes the P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 Pro connected.

At the exhibition, it appears that the majority of the competition appeared to have been enjoyed with fascinating examples of Richard Yu, the director of mobile work. The situation was pretty much in the early stages, firstly the newest iPhone, which created a terrible picture, then the best Samsung Galaxy S10, and then P30 Pro, came in need. T If the king's army was up, the army would keep up to date if it was. The three pictures show up beside each other, like Yu as a noble father and then jump to the next test.

I think if I see you!

Most of the paintings on display were viewed by the eye, not just because of the photographer at the stock, but also because he is a bit foolish to have. picture someone on the phone by phone, or take a picture of the big darkness just from the joke. Then the phone came in and I took the Eiffel Tower into the room, and in the evening I discovered that a demon-hearted character doesn't appear in the dark room. But running for a long time.

In bones, the question may be there

If someone wants to take pictures with a phone, it takes something out, so why not go closer and if it is too dark then why not turn.

In the first visit, we can only say it can, it is, just within special limits. In the fast-track test, we were unsure of the circumstances when it wasn't worth getting in or turning a lamp.

When are cameras enough?

This question has since appeared since the first double camera came out. The Huawei is not the best camera with his four rear cameras, but it actually gets so many cameras as the new megapixel, apparently the best is then the best. it's not that simple. Dr. Hugh Campbell said: t Florian Weiler, Chief Executive of Leica Optics, in background conversation that it is clear that the number of cameras is not a number, but how sensors can work to make the final result perfect – they must keep in mind How many cameras must be working to get a good picture.

This is proof that it is not just about adding new and new lenses that it now says that there is no monochrome sensitivity which is essentially a long-term trading indicator. a wealth of detail, as the same detail is currently. the new message also knows, so at Mate 20 Pro, for example, it was no longer in the phone and it was left out. Leica engineers have said they don't want to use unnecessary lenses to say that one of them is bigger than the competition. The Huawei team said that many of the cameras were largely lost in design and comfort; .

It is also likely that most people choose to phone in a simple way. Most of them leave cold, what chips are actually, and mAh data in the batteries is not a single number, but each research shows if it isn't the main point for action is to take a good picture. Most are not interested in the technical boundaries, but what will the effect be, then making a beautiful picture or not.

The middle middle is not

In Mate 20 Pro, the targeted prints were very good for capturing the person you were using to control your phone. But at the beginning of Pon Pron it is worrying to see things at a different angle than you first thought. He's not even a problem with the landscape images, but if you try the supermacro course, you're really getting enough to go to the phone from the t side. Only the object is wrong until the person's minds and hands reach up.

Sustainability better images

On top of that, it's nice to have a strong strong installer on your phone, especially when you get in and into the night, but the benefits of a good bonus are good. T a useful state too in everyday life. In midnight, it was a very good thing, this feature was not designed to pull in objects or people moving quickly, but it would be long. anyone who wanted to keep the camera still wanted for 6 seconds. Obviously it is impossible from working, but the founder does a good job. It appears to be a minor problem when it comes to expanding, taking a five-fold, flexible picture with no problems, sometimes with a ten-fold hybrid movement, sometimes involving a ten-fold, often complex seismic reaction. It's good idea to be calm, but at fifty, there's no problem. Although it seems that it is hard, it is clear that the phone's delivery span is difficult to make sure the photograph doesn't jump out and out. But it can also be useful in super-macro mode, where you can kill anything up to 2.5 inches.

UFO Hunters and Best Ghost Photographs

The periscopic stream is one of the phone's biggest innovations. With an optical 5x zoom, you can use ten-page and half-hour digital currents that are similar.

the five five are working well, the decimal is not bad, it's time drawing pictures that aren't good, just to look at it until the information is received.

Such flexibility, there is no surprise, that soon afterwards the false impression will learn how deep the human hand is vibrating or how it needs to make clearer pictures, but the more Fragile, acoustic, imperfect, spotless optic, even if you take pictures of a tripod with time. Obviously the Moon can be identified in the photograph and it is remarkable that the building at the other end of the town may be taken closer, but the final result will be just as if you look at some of the newspapers. confidential and unusual.

Surrounded by an office building throughout the street, this extension is rather complex to see that there are dressed lovers in meeting the world, and on the top of Notre Dame, a Quasimodo spirit can be found. easy for tourists. This may not be the aim, but it is also true that it may be so appealing after some time that it is enough to manage the phone too long over the caption heads, and then you can read. It's like telescope drama at the top of fingers, a little more expensive. True, nothing else can be done with it, but at P30 Pro, the story still isn't finished.

The selfie is not yet there

In vain, 32 megapixels, the first deceitful camera on the horizon according to meaning of phone, these selfies do not make this perfect. If you do not particularly look at retention and any alterations to zero, however, it can only adversely affect their skin problems, because it is like what you are doing. request, you can not reject it completely. In the background, people or buildings are thrown away – this cannot be turned off – the harassment can be difficult, but the point does not change much.

We'll see you in the darkness!

They also improved in the dark. Until now, it was striking how lightly the paintings can be returned in a light-hearted position, but he has now passed it clearly. It is true that the chin does not fall down for people because you first saw it on P20 Pro. However, it was developed on Mate 20 Pro, and now the colors are more vibrant, the images are more pronounced, and if the subject matter is not visible to the bare eye, the format is not only the same as the visual. T showing energy but concrete. colors and information will also be available. In this case, the installer is also developing, because it is impossible to keep a phone straight and without moving for 6-8 seconds. But the images, unless they are sharp, seem amazing.

Innovation continues

For this time, not all devices are available in video mode, the same features and filters are found in Mate 20 Pro, but there will be a mode of capturing a video in a broad and horizontal manner at the same time. time. Or the video will be better off with very little light: this display was revealed by someone who was pulling out the candles in a dark room and despite the candlelight, the drawing wasn't dark. This has not been achieved automatically, if we change the light, make sure there is a little light, anything on the world, the screen grew dark. Now, with solution 4K, up to 960 fps can be used for recording a slow motion at 720p.

Professional designers can also print

The Pro method and the RAW format guarantee that professional photographers will be a bit more excited about picking up pictures. This is not, of course, a new phenomenon, but has the highest value of ISO 400000, which is a great leap against the previous ones, and is actually a t think completely in darkness.

How much can be drawn without photographs without photography, but the physics laws, the big question, the P30 Pro, need to be rewritten. Although they have positioned their height very high, they managed to jump over. Comparison is made with the Mate 20 Pro or P20 Pro, but not the device that added the device to the siege, and there is no difference in the designations. But who could be moving from older models to one of the most important things for a quick, very good phone at the end of the day, it's worth noting, especially beforehand, with a clever eye.

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