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On January 23, China Honor introduced new phone calls from the company for its flagship in 2019 in Paris. Honor View 20, which many people believe that 20 Huawei Mate devices, which have decreased at a lower price, stand out with the manufacturer because of three items in the current range of smart phones:

  • The backside is beautiful, the "Aurora nanotexture" will be a & # 39; change according to the angle of light. This can be an important part of the teenager's target.
  • The display, 6.4 inches, full HD + (2310 × 1080 pixels, 16.7 million colors, 398 PPI) LCD which has a wall-to-wall effect, and a # 39; including 91.8% of the telephone front panel, with an iPhone X top with a self-propelled 25 megapixel camera in a 4.5 mm small hole in the upper left corner. According to its company, the "whole vision" display, for example, can be used for german, so it is not possible; range of gaman coverage.
  • The first 48-megapixel sensor of the world has been added to its & # 39; phone. According to the manufacturer, (and a digital image that is supported by a system shlis built into the phone with emergency information), more perfect images can be created than ever before. A tenth of 48 megapixel images can also be used to create influenza content for Instagram or Facebook (not Weibora).

It is my honor

For the first time in Hungary, a version of 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of resources will be available in the winter, and will be available for 209,990 forints, the most expensive (8GB RAM + 256GB storage) 20 ready is available on & # 39; market. In the last two weeks, I have experimented the final in a certain way, but since I did not go into the device from hard signal soldiers, this was not much affected below.

Let us go beyond the obvious obvious subject: yes, the back cover is very spectacular and the children are deemed. Then, indeed, in about a minute or so, it is not entirely relevant to what the back cover is, the most important thing for self-styled camera to be & # 39 ; see what kind of image of the "Qmoji 3D" face of the image on our neckline and how many you can burn a skin, back or light in the picture (the number of blended forms of the interconnection).

The "whole vision" exhibition seems to be important, I think many makers think about it; Honors Honors on this road. I do not think it's uncertain that the front camera is left with a smaller hole (engineers will compete for a while), and a full-lensed lens will be included in the show, which will be an integral part of the screen as the Huawei Mate's ugly reader. Honor View 20 looks good with the original panel display, showcases, broad pictures and some of the apps that can use the full screen (such as Google Maps smoothly ), and obviously their number will be & # 39; increase in the future. However, it is interesting to say that it is a breakdown, or even a detail to the development, that the use of the screen is not always constant. For example, the Google maps already complete the screen in a constant manner, and so it is pulled under the transparent flag of the notification, keep telephones horizontally, but this area is a n; dark and does not show content:

Whether this can be repaired by system refund during software, I'm not sure.

I do not have bad bad words for the Honor as a comparative camera. By setting options to & # 39; Creating a lot of creativity, the 48-megapixel awareness board, with the help of AI, will take very good pictures that do not require almost every post. Indeed, those who want to work with image editing programs have the option to save images in the RAW format, just to be ready to be close to almost 100 megabytes of files.

The 48 megapixels that I am totally experiencing, have a normal survey, and # 39; looking at a solution of 8000×6000 pixels at a 100% increase, so the software is attempted to see the image where the optics are unable to perform. In general, the quality of the image is amazing, with 20 images of the View suitable for larger images. In the gallery above, there are plenty of tests, almost every day, and comparing two compatible questions with Insta, 800×800 pixels in front, and # 39; show how they are painted when they are moved to 48 megapixels.

It is not too hard to be damaged

Just as Mate 20, a number of useful features were introduced to the View 20: the phone is capable of making 960 fps of promotional shots, or vice versa, videos timelapse, for video editing with support from AI, AI support , real time shape and & # 39; ("3D format"), "airplane" shops with AI support, identifying a theme with AI support, and AI's food awareness, measurement measurement, calorie counting.

I got some of the last features that were the biggest sport in exams. At the fèis in January 23rd in Paris, George Zhao, Honor President, stressed how, for example, the identification of food and the calculation of calorie can be practical, as the vision of this 20 AI camera to do.

Well, if it's up to Sealladh 20, there is still a long way to go with AI.

I also tested the system with mixed fruit, recognized apples, bananas, and they emphasized the weight and accuracy of calories. The orange was harder to catch, he was not willing to mark himself as a mandarin, and in the Szekler chaser, he fell into his pocket: he looked like pecan chocolate cake with some mistake. Well, I see it, it was not good for me to prove my abilities by the polar renewal, but I do not. See why a stone has not been laid before it from any angle, from any distance, in any light. There were "things out", "canainballs", "bullets" and so on.

The recognition of the work does not work perfectly for famous buildings. If I'm thinking well, it's a? Trying to work from a different database (Bing, Tripadvisor, etc.), But it does not come close to the 100% level of terminology. I showed him two well-known Hungarian churches, and I did not have the St Stephen's Basilica or the Reformed Church. It's a way of having an apology for his Parliament first. Alternatively, AI-sponsored shops work well, with the ability to identify lots of useful things and to order a website. What's happier is the translation of subtitles and shorter texts. Testing with Chinese and Russian texts (in line with domestic and foreign policy in recent years), and I was happier with the results: obviously not with a translation requirement, but the AI ​​camera can make very useful help when it comes to the fact that, # 39; the titles could be allowed in unidentified languages.

Pro and v

Finally let's talk about some other things. Out of the smartphone range, the View View 20 product, according to the 4000mAh power source, can handle the device without any problem throughout the day, with average usage (which is & # 39; I mean that I have lots of photos, good lust, watch videos, but very few games) for the night 30 -40 per cent still expensive. The footprint reader and face face provides a good, easy-to-use, quick and accurate security, but does not want to release biometric information into a mobile phone (we understand Many of them do that) to & # 39; use a numerical code or screen pattern to open the phone.

However, the machine does not benefit from having no water, but today it would not be necessary for a machine of this price section, and so it's worth taking care of it, such as the well-known egg. And something else: the Parisian playground is a very reasonable software system for searching a move, based on spatial and extended movement based on two games. In principle, View 20 can provide play experience such as playing with Nintendo Wii: in line with your smartphones on the local Wi-Fi network, as a proxy and & # 39; controlling your game based on your physical activity. Well, here I was not completely successful if I could not work with the two devices: LG smartphone would have been going to marry; phone, so he was married to see the two devices on the home network, but the connection did not reveal more, many attempts. And maybe when I buy a Huawei smartie, it's a circle.

Honor View 20, a new 48-megapixel smartphone, also introduced a Chinese company in Paris, with so many items to list.

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