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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 15à

Question: Continue the position of three battalions – the current study of the Chinese economic situation

Xinhua Business Reporter, Dong Jun, Wu Yu, Yu Wenjing, Gao Jing

The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held on the 13th thought that the three main battles had a good start this year, and said we must continue to set up three battles, and according to its & # 39; based action plan, we will focus on the successes and successful campaigning.


Do a good job of "stable" and correct financial risks

It is to block it and its & # 39; reducing key risks recorded as the top of the three main battles and it is an important obstacle to be converted to build a good society in a whole way.

From the beginning of this year, at large meetings, prevention was stopped and key risk settlement. A series of regulatory policies aimed at introducing financial risks and local government debt risks one after and the effects have emerged rapidly –

The macro-leverage level is rising rapidly, the financial risk is usually compromised, the financial finances are first governed, a asset management business will return to a wealth management resource the client, the market will be able to solve the rigorously in a strict manner, and the financial institution's compliance awareness and increased risk awareness of expanded investors.

At the beginning of the establishment of the Council of State's new Financial Sustainability Development Committee, its meeting was completed to & # 39; use and combat major risks to prevent key risks, and to implement and implement a three year action plan to prevent major risks.

In total, China's economic and financial risks are governed. However, it must also be seen that it is still difficult to prevent and disable it; solve key risks associated with factors inside and outside.

Wen Bin, a leading researcher on the China Minsheng Bank, said China's economic characteristics are fundamentally held in a realistic range, but the pressures on the economy are gradually emerging. The Central Political Bureau meeting made the policy issue for the next level of economic activity, and the financial department should maintain its strength, further promote the word "persistent" and ban on more financial risks.


A strong step to tackle general area poverty

The State Council's Poverty Disposal Office expects China's current levels to go to; reducing the number of rural poverty with over 85% at year end, with over 85%, and poor counties are more than 50%.

The main government will co-ordinate the overall responsibility of the department, and the operation of the town and county, and make sure that the file card is set up, which indicates the poor population, and # 39; choosing the team who lives in the town, Strengthening the force force, raising investment, strengthening policies … with community efforts China has taken strong steps to tackle local poverty.

"The focus of the work is in the 334 deep poverty districts in the country. If the work is there, it is easy to pull back." Liu Yongfu, director of the State Council Poverty Deployment Office said.

These businesses in deep poverty areas recover, and there are difficulties in work, work practices, and lack of skills in working outside the staff, and many of them old and ill.

In the next step, poverty hardship will continue to provide detailed measures based on different causes of deprivation.

If you have the ability to work, encourage support for your business development or to go out; work; for unemployment and weak work, encourage participation in the work of forest guards, carers and other public benefit functions to increase the increase in revenue;


Pollution stops and control continues to grow, and the main initiatives are in place; focus on specific problems.

In contrast to clear water, blue sky and purest land, blockage and control of battles this year has continued to strengthen strength.

From the first half of the year, key areas such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Delta Delta Yangtze and the Yan-Ping Plain division have continued to intensify, from & # 39; Introducing initiatives to reform incomplete pollution, from removing small boilers to control dust on the construction site, and there has been a problem of pollution.

From January to October, the national average number of days was 81.5%, up 0.9 percentage points per annum; the PM2.5 proportion decreased by 7.5% annually, and a PM10 share decreased by 4.2% anniversary.

The battles for water resources reform, urban and black urban development, control of agricultural and rural pollution, and comprehensive management of Bohai Sea were launched. The water environment, in particular the problem of most water pollution around the majority, has been a major place for water control, and ensuring the "water tanks" safety of ordinary people.

According to Mao Shengyong, a National Statistics Bureau spokeswoman, the national ecological and environmental protection in the first three seasons up 33.7% annually, and the growth rate was faster than 28.3 percentage points of all investments, which became a key objective of promoting the high-quality development of the Chinese economy.

The key environmental protection inspector for the prevention and control of pollution is "sword". This year, the Environment Protection Commissioner officially began to look back. The sword is refers to formal and bureaucratic issues such as "right correction", "trying to correct" and "correction and correction", which gives strong commitment to the fight against pollution.

Next year, the three main blocks will capture the main points of the gathering and get a bit hard and hard, and & # 39; establishing a strong foundation to solve the problem of unacceptable imbalance development and to provide a good society.

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