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Initial title: Holding a & # 39; focus the reform of the national leadership system, promoting the quality of anti-corruption work

Xinhua News Industry Group, 14th December. The Communist Bureau of the Chinese Communist Party Party held the eleventh merger on the afternoon of the 13th December to deepen the reform of the national management system. In his study, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Press Committee, said he should continue to deepen his control system. party reform and reform of the state management system, promoting the implementation of topics, and effectively linking up the legislation, and Encourage the rule of law and increase the work of corruption. The time is perfect and & # 39; Developing the socialist system with Chinese features, and promoting comprehensive and rigorous regulation; party.

Ma Senshu, director of the Legal Commission's Office of Control for Control of the Central Commission for Control of Control, explained his & her; case and considered ideas and suggestions.

Listening to the Political Bureau of the Central and Central Bureau of the CPC Committee carefully the definitions and considered the relevant issues.

Xi Jinping gave a long talk and was the leader of the study. He emphasized that, from the 18th National Congress of Party, a Committee is committed to, Central Party has been thinking and thinking about. plan how they can change to fairly and strictly regulated control of the new situation of their party. Although he is Strengthening leadership in all sides of the party, it has been better to play the role of management bodies and stronger state management. Custody of the public power system. The 19th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party praised the building of a consolidated, integrated, authoritative and effective management system, and established the National Audit Committee as its first article to develop a Group's reform plan. Deepen the Labor Party. Its focus is on integrating leadership, broad coverage, and an efficient and effective management system. To create a scrutiny force that is in charge of internal party administration and is led by other directors. The expansion of the state management system reforms is an important settlement for the spirit of the 19th Party Movement, and the development of the party and state management system, and is an important reform to update the national governance system and regulatory capacity. The reform has achieved important milestones.

Xi Jinping said that the reform of the state management system supports its dominant and integrated leadership; a party against anti-corruption, and it helps to fully cover public power management, and it is very supportive of maintaining the main causes of crimes and its; reinforce and expand the achievement of the fight against corruption. Since the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the control and control bodies of the national control have had a significant impact on the effectiveness of the new system, they collected the five fingers, attacked by heavy mercies, and made more investigation and punishment. The adverse impact on corruption is clearly apparent, and there is a complete impact on how to deal with crime. The treatment of both the signs and the fundamental causes has become more evident. We need to maintain strategic strength, deepen reforms, strengthen the shock that does not; behavior to be rotated, and a & # 39; stick to unwanted cages, and strengthen awareness that they do not want to move.

Xi Jinping explained that the intention of reforming the state management system was to consolidate the full coverage and security of public security and public officials as a focus, the promotion of law enforcement in public energy operations, eliminating the distribution range power controller, and & # 39; enforce the use of energy. The healthy place, the establishment of sound management and control equipment, effective power restraint device, and inconsistent equipment. It is essential that all universities and public officials are in education and to monitor how the parties and people are doing. Supporting the powers that are their hands. They are controlled by the upper and low boundaries. They should not do what they want to do, do what they want, and do the right to public, lawful and clean. For civil rights. It is imperative to impose on divisions, organizations and individuals who have power to; encourage public to strengthen and strengthen the legal rule within a statutory area. Never allowed any group or person to abolish the law. Strengthening, managing and running public power and control is essential. urging the departments and organizations that have motivated the capacity of the public to empower, empower their power; power allocation, responsibilities and strong authorities, improve the power and duty system, and accelerate the legacy of institutions, appointments, authorities, procedures and responsibilities. It is essential to monitor the different links of public power, and to prevent the equipment from blocking problems to detect problems, adjust the correction method to access the # 39; correcting divisions, managing main staff, and & # 39; Maintain key points, managing key issues, and # 39; Lead key issues, especially for handling treatment. Good leadership. It is essential to strengthen management and control, find out time and fulfill difficulties in fulfilling legal obligations, maintaining public rights, integrity in politics, and philosophy, setting the rules for energy operation.

Xi Jinping said that the reason for power management is to ensure that public power is properly done, and to better fulfill cadres responsibilities and responsibilities. It is essential to control the misconduct of power misuse, but also to control the duty of duty that does not have to abandon power. Rehabilitation does not take responsibility, abuse, slow action, and wrong actions, and take care of the protection of those sheep who are responsible for accountability and their responsibility; take action. Sheep expressed by fraudulent allegations should be clarified in time to create a good political ecology that prompts a complaint and clarifies her; business.

Xi Jinping stressed that we need to keep track of the focus and challenges, and continue to & # 39; develop the system of control and control management reform, and provide a strong understanding of the reform objective to address the problem of doing; handle both deepening the basic signs and causes. It is essential to strengthen the turkey that does not crash, and # 39; Maintain a high pressure that is & # 39; corruption punishment, and distribution of a consistent and tight signal. It is essential to connect cages that can not be transmitted, and to create a long-term device that is & # 39; manage, manage, and & # 39; managing people with a system. It is essential to be aware that it does not want to crash, to & # 39; guide party members and cadres to strengthen their ideas and convictions, and awareness of their sense of purpose, and establish a world-class perspective, create a vision of life, values, and a consistent and political environment and social environment. Strengthening the workforce is essential, strengthening political leadership, strengthening operational rules, strengthening the monitoring and control of the work, strengthening internal energy management and control, and the development of a law enforcement tool for integrated decisions and integrated working. It is essential to develop and improve laws and support rules, create laws and regulations that are consistent with the law of law, and create a system of laws, regulations that are full, scientific and effective. It is essential to improve the coordination approach, strengthen the leadership of party committees at all stages in the reform of a control and control system, and clearly support the Commission's disciplinary committee to use its powers . The party secretary of the parties should encourage the problems of reform to control and control system, so that the anti-corrosion work can be used in decision-making, The integration of resources and the use of more innovative measures and more efficient. A full-play disciplinary study and management centers should be taken to the benefits of a joint office, control control, control and direction, station management, guidance and co-ordination, and promoting internal guidance with state organizations, democratic management, critical management, permanent management and public guidance. Strictly led.

Xi Jinping said that it is essential to coordinate and achieve the state management power correctly. They need to remember the political demands that need to be hardened by the demands, strengthen the "four senses", strengthening the four "self-reliance", and constantly increasing Maintain a high level of membership by a Committee. Labor Party in imaginative and political activities. Strongly accept the leadership of the party and the people, the law will continue to be strict, clean the courtyard in time, clean up the portal, and work hard to build an organ model that will allow the parties Committee and the people. Most of the control check and management allowances must be self-neglected, keep the line below, and # 39; strengthen their attitudes and conviction, strengthen their political capacity, strengthen self-control, strengthen their professional capacity, strengthen their disciplinary thoughts, especially their awareness of their procedures, be taken to be & # 39; undertake organizational arrangements, and comply with the law and control. Make an example and be a loyal guardian for the party and the people.

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