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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, 14 December: The future is coming to the revitalization – A & # 39; looks at China's future from a 40 year reform and opening up

Reporter Group Xinhua News Wang Min, Wang Xi, Wang Bingkun

This is the 40th anniversary of the storm – the Chinese have written a glorious chapter with confidence and unrestricted wisdom to create a great success in China's turnover and its " affecting the world.

This is the 40th anniversary of the future. Spreads and miracles on the two pages have been created in Chinese history and a new chapter will open in the future.

New starting point, new departure.

Maintaining reform and opening up, the Chinese giants went to the Chinese country for a great time of great revival with more confidence and confidence!

New management, a new 40-year jump of reform and an opening on China has greatly changed and has a huge impact on the world

The world looks and the industry is going to see it; gather.

On the 5th of November, its first national exhibition opened on fascinating themes – opened its & # 39; The first Expo Import International International in Shanghai, 172 international countries, departments and organizations, attracted more than 3,600 companies from five continents, part, home and abroad More than 400,000 merchants …

This is the style that China has shown to the world after 40 years of development and opening.

In the last 40 years, Xiaogang's "home-based contract" to deepen the reform of the rural land system, from the specific economic areas, state-of-the-art areas to develop a reform pilot , from coming to WTO to build a wide and wide-ranging multi-level pattern open door … All the way to scrutinize, the reform process is not possible, and the door is open grow larger and larger.

– The economy has achieved historical leaping.

Over the last 40 years, it has an average growth of 9.5% of annual GDP and an average annual GDP growth of 8.5%. It became the second largest economy in the world, the largest saving country, its first trading country, and the largest barley security security country …

In 1978, China just 3.1% contributed to the global economic growth. Since 2006, China's contribution to global economic growth has been ranked first, and reaching 27.8% in 2017.

The Asian financial crisis, the international financial crisis, and trade protection are rising … Certainly how the world is changing, China is always in the middle of its colon.

– The social animation of its competition.

China's fast-running rail runs to the world, WeChat and Alipay have a host; popular with people around the world, and Chinese business is moving to China …

Respiratory again and again, an innovative tour and change.

From China's first industrial and commercial family, Zhang Huamei, for thousands of thousands of private entrepreneurs, from ten million farms to work in urban cities to share opportunities for urban development … For 40 years, hundreds of millions of people have their commitment to revitalizing the revival, Creating.

– People's lives are completely new.

In the last 40 years, not only from a deprived poverty window, it's enough for the big changes to go to # 39; giving people's lives.

On October 17, China published the fourth group of 85 deprivation counties to reduce poverty … In the last 40 years, the number of poor rural people has fallen by 740 million, and poverty has fallen from 97.5% in 1978 to 3.1% in 2017. The level of grant is over 70%.

From lack of food and clothing in total nutrition, from standing up, and & # 39; get rich and strong … In development, the dreams have a growing number, and they have great experiences; competition.

Zhang Aimin, a 24-year-old Beijing, worked as a carpenter, worked as a plaster, worked on a cottage in Wangfujing, opened a restaurant in the west, 39; he opened his own company …

In November this year, he started his business again and opened a drained kitchen in Dongdan North Street. This restaurant does not have cookers, but it uses robots to cook cookie, which has attracted many customers.

"If there is no reform and opening up, I will not introduce my dreams." Zhangimin said.

New situation, new resolution – stands at a new starting point, stadium reform is not open

For 40 years, there are so many reasons for choosing the achievements.

Stand at her & # 39; new historical starting point and going forward to the "two hundred years" aim, "no reform has been given more than today.

Looking at the national circumstances –

Even in & # 39; Mainstreaming of socialism, but the main impacts of society have changed.

How to improve efficiency, extend representation, and let people better to & # 39; share development results? How do we deal with the relationship between economic development and environmental protection? How to balance your fairness and effectiveness? How do we deal with the relationship between the richest and the wealthiest? ……

Unfair, uncoordinated and unstable problems in development are still very special. Economic and structural problems are expressed. Living migration needs to be reduced …

Watch the world –

Peace reform is still a matter of times, but the misunderstandings are increasing, and global trade protection is rising, causing concerns about the expectation of development …

Addressing the future, we need to continue in & # 39; resolving the poverty and the difficulties in the progress through reform, and we need to understand the new and emerging newer features more clearly and more accurately.

– From "killing the road bleeding" to "bankruptcy", the reform problem is not at least 40 years ago.

On 9th October, the National Symposium on the Holding of State Holdings held in Beijing.

In response to the current problems in the reform of state ownership enterprises, Against its proposal, "to understand the main role of reforming state ownership initiatives in the new era from a strategic perspective."

The new format of state-owned enterprise reform reform is deep.

Domain system, housing registration system, housing reform … "The rest of the bone bones", the system has changed, and the broken-off interests are "# 39; move. The complexity, sensitivity and enhancement of the redevelopment have not been preceded. There will be more certainty, more confidence for breaking through illness, changing new life.

– With a whole parliamentary inquiry, the scope of the reform has expanded considerably.

In mid-October, "Free Free Pilot Area Plan" China was released. So far, from the north to the south, from the shore to the interior of the country, from the outskirts to the years, the 12 free trade zones have been redeveloped for "new geese arrangement", and # 39; leaving China's highest level.

In the last 40 years, from the special economic areas, state-of-the-art areas, to a number of comprehensive reform pilot areas throughout the country, and then to the Shanghai Freedom of Independence Range … seed reform, nutrition and distribution to the whole of the country.

From place to globe, from economic areas to politically, cultural, social, ecological and other, better reform, key problems, and collaboration need to be improved.

–From "to solve food and clothing" to be "a new allocation of expectations", reforms need to pay more attention to the living of people's heating.

The "cakes" development has become bigger, but there are still many shortcomings in people's living range: the most important point of deprivation of poverty, the gap between urban and rural areas, continues to be a huge spread of income gap , the major employment in employment, education, medical care, housing, pension, etc. There are more expectations about …

Standing at a new start, a & # 39; look at the main poverty in society, and to do so; Adhering to the new eyes from a good life, we need both "great cake" and "good cake division" to understand people.

New Opportunities, New Finds – Promoting Reform and Opening, and Strive Forward to Big Dream on National Revival

At 2:23 on 8 December, at the Xichang Satellite launch launch, China successfully launched the No. 4 detector, which opened its first human survey; immersion behind the moon.

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Just up to the top and to # 39; Continue to move forward, the pace of progress never stopped:

– Making the reform to the border and its; use of major Chinese development.

In the Shanxi Lu & Shan Group, the annual yield of 1.8 million tonnes of coal project to water to work full-time producers, coal is changing from "sold by tunnels" to "sold by gram . "

In Shanxi, the form of energy reform: to depend on environmental protection, and # 39; Marketing research and legal rule, and reduce the reduction of capacity and regular regeneration … From 2016 to 2017, Shanxi closed 52 coal mines and captured 45.9 million more capacity. Tunnels in the scale of coal power capacity are & quot; first one in the country. This year, Shanxi decided 36 coal mines.

– Making the reform to the border and its; Encourage the renewal of the national regulatory system and regulatory capacity.

48 official seals lie quietly in the glass case with the seal – The township in Anshan, Liaoning District, 239 administrative and other related powers was divided from 21 divisions last year, and changed to urban administration and bureau agreement. The official seal agreement, the "maximum time to run" of the people at the moment is 93.5%.

In the first half of this year, the 25 "new sections" identified in the # 39; a deep party and complete reseller recovery plan, and the station's state-of-the-art installations were released immediately; follow the national reform of the monitoring system; In the future, reform and management style building that is more consistent with national conditions will establish a strong foundation for long-term Chinese rule management.

– Making reforms to the border and its; share development opportunities with the world.

On the 48-square-square range of the Sino-German business park (Shenyang), a number of high-tech projects such as North Biomedicine, CRRC Titanium Alloy Parts, and Zhongrui Funing Robot take a step forward.

In a long time, the German BMW Group published that it would invest 3 billion euros for a new factory to be built here, Driving companies of high parts of the world to settle.

"Not only does this increase opportunities for raising butterflies, but we also encourage us to use the most advanced concepts for the distribution of global resources. We need to re active activation, openness expansion, world-wide learning, and integration into the global development world. " Guo Zhongxiao, vice president of the meeting, said.

Looking at the whole country, from the north to the north, from the east to the west, the "Belt and Road" has come from a civilization of a thousand years, and is closely linked to China and the " world to seek and improve common development; win.

On November 19, with two satellite launches, China successfully wanted to use the basic system of Beidou III – a & # 39; putting our futures into the stars.

From growing up with the times to guide the times, has been "lost from its" to "be" midway the world ", the conflict is yesterday for today and for the future.

At this time, look again at General Secretary's speech Xi Jinping at the Spring Spring 2018 group meeting, which is more and more; tidy up:

"Continue to open the road with the mountains and water spirit bridge and bridge, a new bureau opens in the big social expansion, strengthens a large self-export, and will continue He's writing over 1.3 billion Chinese people's huge deal in our big country. Chapter! "

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