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May feel 'tired' when you have to be common in people who sleep a few hours, staying in trouble, not eating well or have schedules t in a different way. an expert

"It is a system of disorder with heterogeneous properties characterized by a feeling of extreme tiredness that cannot be attributed to any previous disease.", Explaining the carlos surgeon Carlos César Carrasco Curiel to Efe.

According to the expert, who is medically associated with Silanes laboratories, there are some other symptoms associated with this situation.

Among those who find it difficult to undertake physical and intellectual activities, or when there are sleep-disagreements.

According to the study "Illness Ski Syndrome and Immunization in Internal Medicine" of Medical Services Within the University Hospital La Paz, from the Independent University of Madrid, this zone is considered to have an affect on world-wide between 2 and 5 million people from the age of 40, mainly women.

While in Mexico, estimates from the Ministry of Health say 7 out of 100,000 people are suffering from this situation.

Carrasco Curiel says that this syndrome has no particular reasoning, but they can be viral or because of herpes or suffering from leukemia, although it can also get infectious or other causes.

As the indicators are largely dispersed, relatively few doctors are able to prove it correctly.

That's why Carrasco Curiel says that someone has some words to find out if someone has this syndrome.

“The first thing we have to see is how long the patient has the symptoms. If you have been suffering for more than six weeks we can talk about suffering with the syndrome, "he said.

He also mentions the tiredness of the so-called exertion, which becomes worse after physical and mental disturbance, as well as the loss of short-term memory and muscle, head or joint pain.

He accepts that average Latin life has an impact on this type of suffering because they are engaged in harsh routines.

"They don't have much time to take a break or some relaxation. In big cities responsibility for transport leads to depression and because they get up early that is said relaxation, just to give examples, "said the expert.

In the same way, it is warned that women affect this syndrome five times the male.

"They have job roles, at home, hormonal imbalance, and this all affects the development of this situation," he says.

He says that although there is no special treatment for this problem, it is now recommended to take regular exercise, sometimes drugs and vitamins must be given with B-mix and acidic acid.

While in women he is praised for giving themselves some time and "will not make themselves entirely children or work," said Carrasco Curiel.

When the effects also occur at a mental level, the patient must be referred to a psychologist.

But it must be adopted that this does not have an impact on the whole, but it has to be gradual.

Finally, he says that it is important that doctors at the first stage warn the indicators to make an earlier judgment and avoid problems in this regard.

“It relies on making a unique clinical history and should pass it on to various experts to deal with the different marks. But it is important to be aware of this, "it is a decision.

Source: EFE

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