Contracts from Bangladesh can also be found at the border of Zavrč – a & # 39; go into a truck at a time


Yesterday at 13.50 at Zavrč's international border, Turek came 31 years into the country with a search truck, Turkish registration signals.

Despite police officers to They strive to fulfill their responsibility for the protection of state boundaries and at the same time the Schengen boundaries of the EU. In a serious case, when a & # 39; carriage, find out that the piece attached to the seals uses the right to destroy or destroy the search. cutting and re-connecting. Police officers also used technical techniques when the vehicle was inspected, CO2 The test showed more value for CO2 within the search category.

Together with FURS staff, the police opened and scrutinized the search part and found 4 neighbors in Bangladesh, 20, 21, 34 and 50, who wanted to get rid of our country illegally. After completing the proceedings, every four were given to Croatia's security authority.

Police officers will bring all the results to the report to the competent procurator's office. In a process, they found that the driver did not know that the lawyer was behavior of the emigrants described in the chat.

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