Control of creating a neurologist specializing in a & # 39; creating official documents


The details of these news show that a neurologist has been familiar with a & # 39; creating official documents

02:51 PM Thursday 22 November 2018

Books – Alaa Omran:

The Qalioubia Security Directorate Department of Security Directorate and the Department of Security of Attorney have had control of elements of the. generic ecology that is specialized in creating and generating. promoting official publications.

Studies have shown that an unemployed and buyer in Qalioubia has linked them. They experience in & # 39; criminal offenses of official documents and dealers, leadership and leadership permits, and promoting their clients who wish to use them for money.

The protectors were found on a computer with a printing machine, knowledge certificates, insurance letters, free data success forms, medical certificates and several publications that were given to different parties (all created).

They also received a sum of 4905 pounds, and they identified the criminal work in official document creation and its; assault possession.

The necessary legal steps have been taken regarding the incident and the procurator has started the investigation.

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