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Following 5 March, the Foods & Drugs Administration (FDA), the organization that manages drugs and food in the United States, is agreed to market it. new treatment against congestion. With the large amount of drugs that are currently in place for this purpose, the message would not be relevant enough, unless for full details: it is sniffing that can affect it sometimes or days, unlike common diseases, what one week needs to be done.

This is a new medicine Spravato, of Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and is based on it esketamine, something ketamine-similar but a different chemical structure: the molecular formula is similar to ketamine, but its chemical arrangement is different. In fact, ketamine is used as an expression, as well as an abusive material, but this is not the first time that its use as an antidepressant has been assessed.

The new antidepressant in spray has already come into existence. In fact, this type of administration in the form of a nasal spray enables the Spravato to produce results may be affected in just a few days or days, depending on the individual, a point regarding the old drug drugs which take several weeks.

According to David Olson, assistant professor of chemistry, biology and biomedical medicine at the University of California, drugs for depression Most of the time they do work neuron rebuilds and creates new synchronous connectionssomething which would also produce ketamine, but much quicker. But, in contrast, depreciation of this content is not entirely clear.

In fact, there are other similar materials ketamine harmful effects on the brain, something that doesn't happen with ketamine. Currently it is hypothesis What is found is this material deals with depression by applying a neurotransmitter called a glutamate, which connects to the NMDA practitioner and who intervenes indicators from falling through the brain. t

Neurons use glutamate to allocate marks. But, at high stages, glutamate can spread over the brain and damaging the brain cells. Another suggestion it's more likely that the cetamine tied to the opidid receptors of the brain, causing the release of natural opioids in the human body. In fact, in previous studies, it is recommended that ketamine eating should be combined with opioid activation materials to eliminate the effect of ketamine itself.

These effects can be impressive because it would be an addiction drug which, at the heart, is another type of opioid. If it is shown that ketamine function is similar to the opioids level, this would mean that if it could affect your hearing about small amounts, it could be a development of resilience. t with this content, even in the medium or long term slavery, as is currently the case with opioid analysts. However if the antidepressant effects are fulfilled with other brain pathways hindering glutamate, it would be a good news.

Restricted to a little

However, this new drug that they have little use, accepting that it is the risk of worrying and teasing the mind, and that there are problems in judging, caring for and thinking in general. In addition, the FDA has made it clear that 'ketamine' rotation will be distributed in a very limited way.

The antidepressant impoundment it can only be used in cases of depression has not dealt with at least two antidepressant medicines. In addition, spatial management will be carried out within a medical consultation, and the patient will be required to carry out a review of patients for a number of hours after that.

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