Controversy and fines after marriage of Tony Colombo and Tina Rispoli


A party piazza del Plebiscito to Naplesin a stage, balloons, music as if it were New Year. And then the wedding procession: A white horse-drawn carriage, wading birds, women with an unusual view in their elbows. And then again ceremonyn one of the symbolic places in the city, such as the Maschio Angioino, packed full of actors. Welcome to a wedding neomelodic singer Tony Colombo and Tina Rispoli, a widow of a head. Weddings inserted in secret by the perpetrators of the songs, but were voiced on the spot by the fans Municipality of Naples Municipality. Already the party and the march had been organized without it Authorization. As such, there are fines and anger for other reasons. On the morning of 28 March, at Maschio Angioino, a campaign designed by the town administration, "100 Steps for 21 March", consecrated Innocent victims of Camorra moved to the Town Hall. Alessandra Clemente, town councilor Local policeas well as the innocent victim's daughter in Camorra, the move defines this using the term "misunderstanding" between the two events. "We wanted to keep it in peace," he says. And above that, he says, "we will not allow Naples to turn nicely where they can celebrate a luxurious wedding, with a gloomy taste and without respecting the smallest rules."

At the same time, the wedding got up on a stage, with a lot of people hashtag matched for the event;TonyeTinaSposi. The party started two days ago, in Piazza del Plebiscito. Then, the bride, her husband was killed in Terracina in 2012 and that he was a brother. Gennaro Marino they considered the architect break up since 2004 since Di Lauro Children – they have been amazed: a feast with her future husband. Then on Thursday Region Secondigliano, traffic on a stone for the bride's procession with the carriage. However, among the guests, there were local police officers who also sent to Maschio Angioino drones. The vehicle was licensed and investigations into the practice of Piazza del Plebiscito at night.

“We only got from a mobile organization in Piazza del Plebiscito,” said the councilor, "the organizers sent these communications to the other controlled offices, but from the images which took place t in the square, a small concert was arranged. Accordion, platform, lighting, music, group. It is a frightening and unauthorized truth, the images are neat, even cars, vans and flight limousine near Piazza del Plebiscito "He then warned:" We will challenge the managers and manage our lives. that the law has all the contraventions and the sanctions involved, so that the idea that anyone can do the thing in Naples does not look at the rules, the laws and their laws. passing rules.

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