Convention for justice and anti-police violence: By & # 39; rejecting justice, Macky Sall is trying to kill (by Guy Marius Sagna)



Referring justice, Macky Sall will give permission to kill him

a & # 39; general for justice and violence against her; police (made up of families of violent violence with the police and democrats) strongly expressed the position of the Senegal State that has killed Senegal's citizens; preventing justice from just saying these issues.

Legal arrest or arrest investigation is not open for the following key issues:

– Abdoulaye Timéra (who was discharged by a well-known driving police police that was banned on Alleyeays Centennial),

– Seck Ndiaye (sheltered to death by five police),

– Pope Sarr (he dies after the Thiaroye police have been tortured)

-Faill Sene who dies from a ballot in a student show

-Irahrah Mbow, who was killed dead in a riot at MAC Reacuss

Seck Ndiaye and Parrot Sarr are the worst of those who are worst; happen after his case. Remember that the State of Senegal has reinforced conventions against its case. Within 24 hours, it was arrested in the cases Abdoulaye Timera, Seck Ndiaye, the Pope Sarr, Ibrahima Mbow. By refusing to do these measures, the state is allowed the police to be killed to elect their president on 24 February 2019.

When the Yamadou Sagna gold excavators were murdered by practicing officers, the Saraya people were destroying the green buildings and customs. The state was arrested by clerical officers and verbal information was open. Does the State of Senegal require Senegal citizens to do that?

a & # 39; general strongly opposed the State of Senegal's opinion and asks that the offender of these delights be arrested and the opening of critical information.

a & # 39; general Suspect Macky Sall suspects trying to get a while and does not want to send executives to the jail so that they can be moved significantly by the next election headquarters on 24 February 2019. The second term of office of the President who is more important may not be the need for the justice of those who, suffering and their families.

a & # 39; general For justice and against the police, violence is not in place; closing up to accept the United Nations committee and the ECOWAS so that justice is given.

a & # 39; general expressing the unreasonable speech that would raise the priority of increased security in the execution of law enforcement members that killed citizens. On the other hand, non-security is to be classified by dealerships made by law enforcement. It is inconsistent in government with state authorities about being able to; organizing human rights organizations harm Police Forces. Members of the security forces that replace the defense of the citizens are being killed, and they can not do it; express themselves.

a & # 39; general welcoming the opening of critical information about Elimane Touré (murdered in the police station of Portsmouth) and Omar Watt (a French soldier attack). Despite this, the professionals support families to be able to; monitor these two cases.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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