Conversation shows social media: & # 39; I do not call my display, but our display is & # 39;


There is a traditional conversation show with guests around the board and broadcasting it on television. Two of the young makers are listening to their programs on social media.

This can also be done on Instagram (and without a record), think about Défano Holwijn after a smaller or smaller exhibition has been reached at the end of the last month. At the highest in previous days, more than 40,000 people watched the stream at the same time. "That's almost full Kuip!"

On Monday afternoon at the end of January, when he had nothing to do, Holwijn decided to live on Instagram from his home. Required fans may see the live broadcast. Where in the first night 2000 people were there; look, ten weeks this next week.

"I did not expect that at all, left me really randomly People, young people gave me the opportunity to express their talents. "Holwijn received a passionate rejection, observers said he needed to do more often." Then the brain went to work: I have to make a speech presentation here. "

White men

In traditional broadcasting programs on public broadcasting, women and migrant people are still largely represented, the Ombudsman completed NPO Margo Smit this week. She noticed at the conversation shows The world of confusion, The Peacock, The Jinek / Leave on one and M the final season included the quality of the guests, the clan and the professionSouth Westerly

The bright people are the most common guests. Holwijns did not expect to make a change of performance with more diverse guests. "But now it's, I think it's."

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