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Sunday, 11/18/2018 09:06 AM (GMT + 7)

At the court, Phan Sao Nam said that the maximum value when VTC Online is & # 39; co-operate with CNC in that CNC; against the company.

On November 17, Phan Van Vinh (former Lieutenant General, Chief of the Department of Police – Ministry of Public Security) and 91 other defenders in the trillions of gambling a & # 39; Follow the section Ask the defenders in the organized crime crime group.

Posted by Phan Sao Nam, who was a director of VTC Online, VTC Online, accused of Nguyen Van Duong, chairman of the CNC Corporation, by the end of 2014 and he knows that the CNC is the Ministry of Public Security . "When we face face to face, Mr Yang also confirmed." Then we put forward directions to develop game services for the future. "- Nam khai and we said by the end of 2014, hiding) the game software is good for the only thing that opposed this service but at the time, it was difficult to & # 39 ; apply for permission. After this, the defendant met Yang and Yang that they could cooperate with the consent application.

Depending on the name, in which it was activated, the person understood; attacking this game that this game has not been allowed but CNC is its face company and so in collaboration between VTC Online and CNC, the biggest value is that the CNC is the screening company of the police. In the first instance, the value received by VTC Online was about 2,000 billion VND, with a second level more than 9,500 billion VND and the income of 1,475 billion VND was used to fund its work.

Test of the trillion gambling: & # 34; Cooperation for company news - 1

Phan Sao Nam holiday in court

Phan Sao Nam also donated money to relatives and friends to set up other companies, land ownership investment, to the 231 billion married mother to save their family, with a profit offering. As a result, he paid VND1,088 billion to the research body. The total assets received were more than VND1,300 billion (equivalent to 90.7%). With $ 3.5 million in Singapore, Nam wants a friend to get a loan in a dong in Vietnam. He then paid the defendant in a Swedish dollar as a rural account and did not pay overcrowding.

On the same day, when the Trial Panel questioned the anti-CNC team involved, lawyer Luu Thi Hong, who was General Director of the CNC, said Duong returned as manager In general, he opposed friends with Duong and VTC Online Pan-Nam co-workers. From the beginning of the CNC, the defendant has given around 700 million VND for payment of costs. In April 2015, the person defended the contract with a VTC Online online game service company.

Hong said that the person convicted to pay the pay center should not be signed by his companion. The cooperative document was signed by Duong. "Protectors are not familiar with technology and do not play games, they do not have legal knowledge, and so the content of their content does not remember and they do not know" – said Hong and he added that I know that this game is illegal.

"The defendant was not disturbed about the content of his covenant, as he also relied on Mr Yang with subordinate staff, as well as that, the person also defends a & # 39; believe that collaboration with VTC games is online and really nice. In the information technology that it was a co-worker who protected the person "- Hong built.

Do not give money to the C50

Unfortunately, he spent over 600 million heat holidays to a high tech crime prevention department (C50) – the Ministry of Public Security, which responded to the solicitor's questions, in particular that Luu Thi Hong a & # 39; Following the Nguyen Van Duong route wishing to request any C50 requests for money for Year & New. "Anyone did not agree to the person," – said Hong.

Phan Sao Nam writes for & # 39; to value & # 39;

"On 8 November 2017, he wrote a petition for the crime … Why do you have that idea?" D & # 39; ask the lawyers.

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