Copa Libertadores: Obelisg's adventures ended with events, receptions and police officers


Two carers during the events in the Obelisk area Belief: television reception

After what was in a day of feasting and quiet in the end of the day, war

Cup Libertadores

, some of the followers that were marked
As a result of the River Plate impact in the Obelisk, there were incidents and overseas Police Departments that ended up with twenty caretakers and three police injured, because he knew

After midnight, his postcard returned to campaigners; throwing stones and the security force with decontamination of water-water trucks and rubber bullets to the middle of Buenos Aires, as it usually happens after that
of large shows.

The brilliant group of the origin of the brutal origin, after five hours of a festival of about twenty thousand people, expressed to peace with the songs and flags of the millions team's influence.

According to sources from the Ministry of Justice and Justice, a group of violent people attacked shops, attacked people, threw anti-police and television telephones, and started suppressing humidity in the Obelisk area. Almost nowadays, the Police of the City started work to reduce the situation with rare gas and rubber bullets.

The television cameras list some receptions. In all, these media might have been known by official sources, there were twenty delays and three police officers wounded by various wounds.

At about 1 in the morning, Buenos Aires city cleaners have already started the activities in the Obelisk area, where there were no remaining fans.

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