Copa Libertadores: Thug Conmebol warned that a Spanish law was controlling elders and brutal banners


The Conmebol introduced Wednesday to the viewers who are going to watch it. final of the Libertadores Cup in the "Santiago Bernabéu" Stadium Spanish rules impose access to & # 39; live in football venues for those who carry out sing or carry banner that promotes violence, among other measures.

Fans of River Plate and Boca Juniorsthey need to buy the tickets to be compliant with all the points it eats; including rule the prevention of violence, racism and invasion in Spanish sport, according to the statement of the highest authority in the South American football.

He is also aware that this regulation is prevent entry into the stadium for all those subject to previous sanctions and their reflection that they will be built from those who are participate in "change, conflict, struggle or public disorder"

Also, the prohibit the inclusion of weapons, motifs, lines or firefighters into the court that may cause, as well as hard things, such as trolleys, mosques or children's banner, which could block the stadium.

Can not be included with food or drink in vessels greater than 500 milliliters of capacities not 500 grams of chuideam.

As usual in all football stadiums of the Spanish First Division, Unwanted drinks are only available and safeguards will provide the plugs so that they can not be used as throwing things.

River Plate fans are on the north side, which is available at D Tower of the playbash, as long as it is Boca Juniors will be at the South inn and will be introduced through towers A, in accordance with the provisions of the Conmebol.

For it, viewers need a move of movement to see the entrance in the 48 or 51 doors.

Whenever the followers have a & # 39; Going in, "Bernabéu" must be at home that identifies your entry and will be held until the end of the meeting if one of the authorities is required.

In terms of newspapers, the Conmebol said there is a ban on television or professional microphones for everyone not qualified by the group.

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