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Anguish is an unprofitable activity, of those who are not aware even though the world is their responsibility. But for 251 million people around the world – 2.9 million in Spain – this crucial process is a daily challenge as a result of fogging and blocking the respiratory tract caused by Pulmonary Collection Disease (COPD).

This disease is the third cause of death all over the world – After anchoric heart disease and heart attacks – and fourth place in Spain, according to article data published in The Lancet and those of the World Health Organization (WHO). To think of the illness, not only in Spain that will kill one person every 20 minutes, Identify the figures of the Spanish Pulmonology and Thoractic Surgery (SEPAR) figures.

Although the data may be unbelievable, everything is not so bad: COPD is the first cause of banned death in our country and some of the steps are to avoid our hands.

Smoking is the practice that makes its use; most of the COPD in Spain

Unlike other countries, where a large part of the issues have been caused by the analysis of the shadows created in banned coal and wooden tanks, is the most common smoking in Spain. "If people do not smoke, they would dispose of 70% and 80% of cases," which will emphasize the scientist at the Hospital Health Research Institute and # 39 ; Princess Joan Soriano, who has taken part in the work to categorize the most vaginal diseases of planet

There is no doubt that it's worth to & # 39; eliminating smoking and, as the world's COPD Day motto, which last Wednesday marked the goal of being able to; giving up the disease, it will not be too late or too late ".

Scientists know that cutting with this bad practice prevents the advancement of geography and even changing the effects if it goes into when it appears to its & # 39; first mark: daily kiss, expectations and tiredness that emerges when we perform activities we know. One of the difficulties that 81.7% of people with this disease is not determined, based on the initial results of the EPI-SCAN II SEPAR study. So, if these signs appear, experts recommend to the doctor, especially if we are 40 or over and have smoked at a particular time in our lives.

How often the disease is higher in women

This research also shows that men are more aware of the problem than women, a social group in which COPD issues have risen by 70% over the last ten years. However, that suggests that "underdiagnosis is better in them," according to Soriano. The epidemiologist, a member of the scientific committee of the EPI-SCAN II research – is designed to monitor the health of 10,200 people in the 17 devolution communities – saying that 88.2% of women are not over 40 years With COPD The disease is, although the number of males is 76%.

To improve this data, the expert clarifies that "it is not too late for a spiritual test, or too early to stop smoking." It is the test that describes the ability to measure and remove the lungs and it is not painful. "Health centers should be consistently made, so to detect the disease at an early stage, who is relevant, "said the San Juan Hospital Athletics Service in Alicante and co-director of the SeparPacientes program, Eusebi Chiner." COPD can only be suspended, but must be banned. "you have good practices

One hour walk helps rescue

In addition to tobacco, pollution is another cause that increases COPD's risk. The negative effect of the greenhouse gas is not our independent health either. Pollution, as we say in BuenaVida, is the most important environment for disease and death in the world's premature death: "It was shown to be How often do respiratory diseases, as well as their symptoms, increase if you are? stay close by way or from an area with large traffic traffic, "said Chiner.

It seems that it is not easy to worry ourselves from this problem by going to # 39; live in the cities, but the experts also give some suggestions in this regard, for example "Do not use outside when there are high levels of pollution information", identifying Chiner, which does not mean, in any case, that you have to stop physical activity.

"To say that this exercise prevents COPD to be very poor, although it is true that it is seen Daily walking at least one hour away from home is good and that the results are broadly in line with some respiratory rehabilitation programs, "Chiner sequences The illness also says that there are groups that overlap the" Their health stages are amazing, such as sports fans as a recession. A scientific community is clear about this: the benefits of sport are more than just the damage they do. # 39; has been contaminated in major cities.

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