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A new research shows permissible events back to the back of the Great Barrier Reef on making more rigorous coral more rigorous.

It is defined as an example of "ecological memory", and "cash line" for the ecosystem that is attached to it.

Founding on the Great Barrier Reef & # 39; which survived in 2016 bleaching was much worse than the second heat heat next year, according to researchers from James Cook University.

"The reef's response was to heat in a year, according to trust, a year old," he said main researcher Terry Hughes.

"We can not accept that future design events will be the same, according to ten or two, that they are now due to these changes in geophysics in the variety of species, "e the ABC said.

Major Death Image Impairment: Getty

Bleaching occurs when corail is efficiently & get cooked in the warming water. The change in marine temperatures causes the corals to eliminate small photoynthetic algae; giving them colors.

It's good news, not reefs are dead reefs.

Coils can recover if water temperatures fall and the algae can be restored.

A spectacular cereal-rich tale that shows small coral signage. Image: Getty

According to the survey, it's a & # 39; the longest part of the Barrier Ring that hit in 2016 but was largely reduced in 2017, despite heat equivalent levels.

The middle sectors have a similar impact on bleaching in the two years.

While the southern department was, a decline in 2016, which showed no bleeding in the second year.

Hughes delivered the "amazing" result.

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Although the survey suggests that corals have grown faster, it is far from being able to do so. coral protection.

Scientists are now very strange to wait until next March, when another bleaching event can occur in response to the highest summer temperatures.

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