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As every year, and in the beginning of December, it is possible to understand a meteor shower called Geminids.

Its original name is a 3200 Phaethon name. According to the stars, there is a rocky comet, that is, an asteroid that came very close to the Sun; It was so close that the sun's heat burned its dusty dusty dust; cover the surface.

The name comes from the fact that the place is tall, which is the place in the spectacular scenery; coming from megabytes, which just happened over the knees' laughs. The meteors that we see from that place are likely to come from, then their campaigns start from there.

The Geminids look better in the northern hemisphere. In the southern end, they can also be seen, but more intense.

The water runs from Friday 7 to Monday 17 December, with the largest activity being delivered through hours early Thursday 13 to Friday 14 December.

This water level is about 120 meter per hour at the highest in dark mirrors and from North Hemisphere. It can be seen most of the night. They are characterized by collectors of different colors and with their low speed (35 kilometers per second).

The tools do not require any kind of optical instrument (or telescope, no binoculars), as our eyes are better viewed than evaluators with the remote vision. Also for that reason it is not necessary to look directly to the large windows, as well as the media that cross the whole sky.

Source: Cordoba Regimental Review

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