Corey Graves complained that he was asleep at & # 39; sleep with WWE with a & # 39; WIFE


The reporter WWE Corey Graves has been accused of having been talking to Carmella's star star – with his wife.

Amy Polinsky made the allegations in a series of positions to her 20,000 fans on Instagram before being removed from the short time.

Graves, Matthew Polinsky has three names with Amy's three children after they were married in 2009.

In the works she stated that the former company SmackDown Women Carmella was "to" sleep with "the reporter.

She wrote: "I have been through attempts to kill, kill, be among others and be tied to her.

Corey Graves

"The peppers find out that he has been sleeping with one of my daughter's working models all the time.

"Carmella and Corey Graves I hope you're happy. I'm doing it."

Carmella, 31, is believed to have been single and she or Graves have not made a public statement.

WWE Superstar Carmella

But his wife shared his message communication, where he vowed on WWE that she would have "age" for her posts.

He has to retire his graves as a result of a seriously injured series before he would write out his handwriting.

He has been working on both Raw and SmackDown since 2016 and is expected to have a Habitat Hall for Sunday night.

Among the games it is to be explored is for the WWE tag team team competitions – with Carmella featuring.

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