Corfo will settle against Albemarle by December 15


Corfo today decided that 15 December will settle into an agreement in the International Commercial Chamber contracted by the American Albemarle, for differences in bass definition.

"We would like this problem to happen because we are our strategic partners in this industry and I wish that we have made an agreement that would benefit its installation; This is a business and we feel that the price they do not have; offer, "said Sebastián Sichel, Cordo's deputy headteacher, to Reuters.

According to Corfo, Albemarle would not fulfill his job to provide up to 25% of the annual litium capabilities – a & # 39; Including a weight in the competitiveness industry – at a discounted level for companies that want to make products for batteries in Chile. .

The lithium producer told a few weeks ago in a statement that he made a number of price offers and thought he had fulfilled his responsibilities for the Polish government.

Corfo has previously clarified that Albemarle would not have the right to do lithium in the Salar de Atacama, one of the most remarkable investments of light metal in the world.

According to the government entity, the reduced rate agreed in the contract must be the same as the lowest price of a litium market made by a & # 39; company and removed from Chile in the last six months, which would not have been achieved, according to Corfo.

"According to the legal strategy and that we are a state, we will know (in the settlement) the boundaries and applications that will be recognized as a summary," said Sichel.
However, the Chief Justice of Cororill stressed that the government's focus on promoting company development is that; trying to create materials for batteries in Chile, so they hope that this law will be settled in the shortest time.

"We want companies to install the installation as soon as possible and we hope Albemarle is closer to the situation that we understand as an application price according to what is specified in the contract, "said the chief executive of the organization.

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