Corintian intends to extend lending from Bruno Paulo; players working in an southern direction


Bruno Paulo was awarded as a prize for two times in Ga

Bruno Paulo was awarded as a prize for two times in Gaúchão

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Bruno Paulo's Brazilian Pelotas-RS loan came to an end when the club finished in the Campeonato Gaúcho. The 29-year-old attorney wants to stay in club and Corinthians, owner of their associated rights at the end of July, with the intention of keeping it up to the end of contract.

With the chartered player only in the next four months, Timão knows that he will not use it and that he is not interested in applying to his professional role. If they do not paint any other offer, the directors must even make an election to renew the loan, to date until the end of July.

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When My timon, Bruno Paulo wasn't hiding to play in the measuring club in the first half. The strike's aim is to continue in Brazil in Pelotas-RS.

"I am pleased here in Brazil in Pelotas, had received great support from the supporters and from Kila (Carlos Kila, the club's football team director), and I needed to play a series of games. T At national level, it is better to play in the game in Gauchão, and this is an inspiration to be consistently high and people can see Bruno Paulo has returned, "said the player.

Employed by Corinthians in May 2016, shortly after being one of the priorities for Grêmio Osasco former São Paulo champion, Bruno Paulo was only successful at the start of eight months later, at the start of 2017 – friendly t the face of Ferroviária in February 2017 at Corinthians Arena. He had no choice to wear Timon's shirt.

Bruno Paulo received two medals in the period above: a ligament wound on the right leg, and a lumbar hernia.

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