Coronía del Caroní – Las Águilas finished to fly with wind in favor


Maracaibo.- The weekend series between Águilas del Zulia and Bravos de Margarita was a great fight between the two teams, who did everything to win, but the birds were raptors today and They won 5 to 4 at their & # 39; Luis Aparicio Park "The Great" of Maracaibo.

The game was for anyone, but in the eighth, Humberto Arteaga hit a triple, and then pulled by José Tabata, with an airplane to the left field.

"We got to win the game. I felt a bit of stress, but when I was familiar with the league, I knew what to do. He was a proxy sorry (Rick Teasley), but I had confidence in my hand to come out with the result, "said Tabata to the IVC channel. "It was like a cutter, that I went to look forward. I also need to thank the people who have helped us to make the last trip."

Le Carlos García had his battleship, Roibal's reinforce was a member of a ruler and allowed the island's players to open the scoring at the top of the second inn.

Later on, in the same section, the raptors said today and, with the second running home of the campaign for Jairo Pérez, they were set up three to one, to have two players running on surrounded by a full retardation at a & # 39; gardener.

The visitors had little to reduce the product, as in the next chapter Daniel Mayora sank for a " double play, but when the road fell down, he allowed Olmo Rosario to score from the street.

The care was killed and he gave me the two halves, as in the fourth quarter, the locals placed the fourth score in the score, alone to the middle of the sheriff Alejandro Salazar, who quickly added Alberto Gonzalez from the center.

However, in the fifth instance, the nonparticipates identified their equality, to take advantage of the small plays and the mistakes made by the rival.

Initially, Rosario asked himself with a ball ball and Elvis Araujo sent the machine away, so Carlos García went on to his homepage. Mayora disappeared then with double killing, but made a decision on the board.

In the ninth year, Jeffeson Medina stopped playing her game and while a person was on her, set up, rescue defensive shirt on her & # 39; game. Eduardo Paredes won and Teasley defeated. With

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