Cosmonauts start to & # 39; Explore the growth found on the International Technology Speech Station


Leave two digits; A Russian attack on Tuesday left to space to investigate a secret hole found in August in a Soyuz spacecraft attached to the International Speech Station (ISS), which caused a slight loss of pressure in the orbit station.

Russian space group We rub He said the aim was to find out if the "little but dangerous" occurred in the place or on Earth.

The research, which started at 15:59 GMT (12:59 Chilean time), is funded for more than six hours and will be done by Igor Kononenko and Serguei Prokopiev's cosmonauts.

Once it is in a situation, Kononenko needs to use a knife to protect it; cover the vessel cover and rubbish.

Samples will be sent to the Earth "Get the Truth" Originally the hole, the space agency said.

Roscosmos stated that the purpose was "Include the history of spatial research."

The resolution is particularly hard because the Soyuz spacecraft, compared to the ISS, is not designed to repair it in research and there are no outside rods that the astronomers can cling.

The IQ spacecraft shipwrecked the two different measurements at the ISS's call on a weight that was found in August, two months after a trip to a boat.

Until now, the birds were only able to inspect the hole inside the spacecraft.

Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roscosmos, said in October that investigation had made an error of activity. After finding the hole, he said that Russia did not get out of it "Submit one business item".

The hole was followed in October with a failure in the Soyuz spacecraft tunnel blade, although American and Russian militants returned safely to the ground.

The Soyuz spacecraft, in which the order was made, was used to move the team to and out of the space station. The fissure is a section that will not be used for the next time back to Earth, on 20 December.

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