Costa Ivory: AfricInvest has a € 12.2 million deposit in Centauri Road


AfricInvest's private trust company has invested € 12.2 million in one of the main Côte d'Ivoire independent transport centers and local transport centers, Les Centaures Routiers (LCR). The investment lets LCR confirm its trucking fleet, currently over 400 vehicles, create a new site to consolidate all transport and logistical operations and increase the company's operating capital, reporting from AfricaInvest.

Established in August 1953 by Jean-Jacques Delsuc, LCR provides road transport for a wide range of materials such as hydrocarbons, palm oil, drinks and sugars. It also offers basic presence services such as resources, handling and medical space, which holds a property; A museum company of 2000 m2 in Abidjan and sites in many major cities (San Pedro, Bouaké, Bouaflé, Yamoussoukro). Its customers are PalmCi, SOCB, Cargill, Olam, Sarci, Sifca, but also Solibra, etc.

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