Costa Rica will protect her children against her & her; measles


November 22, 2018, 12:43San José, November 22 (Prensa Latina) Costa Rican Security Property (CCSS) will face their child protection against her; crushed in a spectacular way, because of the size of the country to go to; Distribution to virus in different countries of the world.

CCSS's medical manager told, Roberto Cervantes, in a news conference that the decision was taken to make an unusual vaccine against his / her; This disease is with the National Judgment Commission.

This is, he said, because his virus is & # 39; Squirrels spread in other countries, including Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico and Guatemala, where about two thousand cases are reported and about 72 deaths.

Cervantes explained that this public health intervention is trying to provide vaccination to the protected people that are not protected against her; This virus has a variety of causes, from each year a collection of vulnerable people can be easily targeted if the disease comes into the national borders. .

So, he stated that his vaccine will start on 12 December and will finish on 8 February, a level where they hope to cut Costa Rica's 700,000 children between 15 months and nine years , 11 months and 29 days; age, and including those who already have their full scheme, because it wants to reinforce the protection barriers.

For the campaign, relationships will be found in 104 health areas and a thousand basic teams of Comprehensive Care (biology) in the country, said that the CCSS has invested a million million dollar million.

Official data shows that every year 10% of children are not on display; Vaccinated against vaccine, so all vaccines must be very spectacular to protect them.

Remember that her ultimate immature vaccination has been against her & # 39; This issue was made in Costa Rica in 2011 and had 93% of broadcasting.

In Costa Rica there is no case in the spread of breeding breeding season since 2005 and the final case was introduced in 2014, the CCSS Immunization Program co-ordinator, Leandra Abarca.

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