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Traffic, big stores and melees at Costco

The Town of the Black Shops Festival was received; Town on Friday. (Information photo)

Zhang Xin / Taipei Town General Report

The American retailer on the launch of the Black Friday Rural Show, 1111 just after a business war, can not go away. In the next three days, 13 stations will begin at the same time. This year, not just a market; The first one that shows the price of mitigating items, but some experts expect to have a price of 3C at high price, home appliances to launch premium offers, but the Carrefour's monument number; allowing the town to be more beautiful, this year has been in close contact with a black shop festival.

The Costco Black Shopping Festival was held for the first time last year. At that time, the door was full, and, attracts a large number of people to buy taxes. The people went over expectations and opened an hour ahead of their expectations. the table. Last year's sensitive products included 60-inch Sharp television purchases for a 45-inch tear, priced at 38,499 yuan; In addition, face-faced helmets, riddles corridors, mackerels, vendors, tote bags and other products, 6.1 go up.

However, some people complained that the swimmers were not enough last year, and the discounts were sold and sold, but some of the stuff was washed away on the # 39; first day. The market also responds. This year, we will develop the membership response last year, and we will seek to fulfill the needs of each user so that members can be purchased.

It is worth seeing that this is the time, the big shops and supermarkets have been involved in the Black Black Show. Carrefour spent a two-prize fair show ceremony, with special members, the first wave from here to 27, the second wave from 28 to 4 December. For home appliances, toilet paper, day-to-day needs, etc., 60% discounted company, as an American coffee machine, 3290 yuan original price, special price of 1980 yuan, 40%; Electrolux cleaning devices, original price 9900 yuan, member price 7490 yuan, 7.5 pass; Stanley luxury value gift group, original price of 1999 yuan, special price of 1499 yuan.

Carrefour sells 10,000 Samsung TV divisions, there is also another big factory; Cut 7,000 pieces, and the bonus chart is 15 times more. It's a good deal of good market, the best 3G home appliances, or Philips TV. Now the price of the black wonder is very good. Looking forward to it.

The Supermarket Union indicated that this shopping festival was temporarily restricted, ranging from 11 / 23-25 ​​within 3 days, and, Includes more than 100 black packs, black stuff, black products by going through the second part of 5 folds, such as black coffee – Free sush-shaped (240ml), black-to-white vinegar black, black volcanic bone chicken and other materials. As the All-Union is still in the anniversary, more than 500 items by December 6 will be accessed single-by-one on the # 39; card.

The double purse 11 has lost a lot of blood, and the "Black Black Show" event in the village has been lost to & # 39; grow considerably. The activity has been there from 11 / 23-11 / 25, except for 3 days, and the housing equipment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is down. Kill, Carrefour, ran on the 21st and continued to 12/4.

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